Property Value
Est. Length
Level 0
(20 recommended)
Classification World Change
Version 9.1
July 6, 2011
Status Active


A fine balance lies between the lives of the White Deer of Ab'Dendriel's forest and the Wolves.


Forests around Ab'Dendriel and near Carlin and the Orc Fortress


White Deer can be mounted when they are not overhunted.

In the forests around Ab'Dendriel White Deer roam as far as Carlin to the west and Ulderek's Rock to the east. They are hunted by their natural predator, the wolf, as well as poachers who seek their antlers and skin to trade. The Elves, on the other hand, seek to protect the deer.

If there are White Deer around, you can kill many of them to loot their their antlers and skin. You can sell these to Cruleo who lives near Ferngrims Gate, here. Killing the deer reduces their population and if enough are killed that day, they may not appear the next day (after Server Save).
You can try to mount a White Deer using a Golden Fir Cone.

When the deer are overhunted the wolves will starve and you will find Starving Wolves roaming the east and west sides of Femur Hills. Magic Wolf Traps can be found on the ground around Femur Hills which the starving wolves can be lured onto in order to capture them. The most useful of these Magic Wolf Traps are found east (here) and south-west (here) of the Femur Hills Magic Carpet. When you have caught a Captured Wolf return it to Benevola, who can be found here.
Trapping them allows the deer population to grow again by the next day. You can also kill wolves, but this is 10 times less effective than trapping them.