Orc Fortress Quest

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Orc Fortress Quest
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Also known as: OF Quest
Reward: Knight Armor, Knight Axe, Fire Sword
Location: Orc Fortress, near Ab'Dendriel
Level required: 40
Level recommended: 50+
Be prepared to face: Orcs, Orc Spearmen, Orc Warriors, Orc Riders, Slimes, Bonelords, Cyclopes, Orc Berserkers, Orc Shamans, Orc Warlords, Orc Leaders, a Dragon and a Stone Golem
Legend: The Orc King hoards a treasure in his throneroom, guarded by the best warriors of the fortress.
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Required equipment

  • None


Orc Fortress Map 01

  • Head east and be prepared to face all kinds of Orcs. (The safest route its marked with a blue line)

Orc Fortress Map AB

Orc Fortress Quest Map 02

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