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This is a page on the creature Orc Berserker. For the NPC, see Orc Berserker (NPC).


Property Value
Combat Properties
Health 210
Experience 195
Armor 12
Est. Max Dmg 200
Summon 590 mana
Convince 590 mana
General Properties
Name Orc Berserker
Classification Orcs
Spawn Type
Resistance Properties
Physical 100%
Holy 90%
Death 110%
Fire 100%
Energy 85%
Ice 100%
Earth 110%
Drown 100%
Life Drain 100%
Immunity Properties
Senses Invis.
Behavioral Properties
Walks around Energy
Walks through
Other Properties
Version Pre-6.0
Status Active
Orc Berserker
You see an orc berserker.


These are dangerous creatures, their attack is very strong, but their defense skill is poor and it is better to fight one than trying to escape because they can run really fast.
Warning! Most players under level 20 will die if they meet one.

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Orc Berserkers can also drop Orc Tusks during raids of the Machinery of War Quest.
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Melee (0-200), Haste.


  • Physical Physical Damage Icon
  • Holy Holy Damage Icon
  • Death Cursed Icon
  • Fire Burned Icon
  • Energy Electrified Icon
  • Ice Freezing Icon
  • Earth Poisoned Icon
  • Drown Drowning Icon
  • Life drain Life Drain Icon


Orc Berserkers fight to the death and use close combat to kill their enemies, they will also push/kill other creatures to get to you.


Stealth Rings can be life savers when coming across these creatures at low levels. With all vocations these can be handled easily with care. The Halberds they drop allow for good profit for all vocations.
Knights, recommended skills: at least 60/60 with decent equipment and should be prepared to use Health Potions. Knights can also use spells like Whirlwind Throw, Front Sweep and Berserk to kill Berserkers faster and/or deal with more than one of them at a time. Remember: the longer a Berserker lives, the more damage you take.
Mages should consider using Magic Shield or Invisible. However, at level 25+ with a decent magic level it is not hard to just use earth attacks and Intense Healing for this creature, but if they do an exceptionally big hit you can always use health/mana potions, Halberds make it easy to profit. But be careful with Invisibility, as Orc Leaders, Orc Warlords and Orc Shamans can still see you. If you find them together with Orc Shamans, kill the Shamans first so that the summoned Snakes don't break your shielding or get in your way. Also a good summon for Mages, however healing runes may be recommended, since they lose health easily.
Paladins Should use a one handed weapon and a shield to hunt them and should consider using Energy and Stealth Rings for the same reason why Mages should use Magic Shield or Invisible. While Bows and Crossbows can give Paladins extra range to deal with Berserkers before they get close it leaves them very vulnerable to the Berserker's powerful melee attack, should one live long enough to traverse the distance between you and him. Always have your best healing spell or potion ready in case of a big hit.


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