Property Value
Aliases None.
Est. Length
Level 80
(100 recommended)
Classification Quest
Version 10.1
July 17, 2013
Status Active


This quest has no legend.


Deeplings, Wigglers and more


Mysterious Metal Egg and possibly more

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Required Equipment


Obtaining Sphere

Go to northern Ab'Dendriel, south of the fruit store, here, open the hole with a shovel and go down.

Torch Bearers - Opticording Sphere Quest

To the west is a walled chamber with no visible entrance. To open it, use/light the northern torch bearer (I) and then use the southern torch bearer (II).

Note: the door may close while you are inside. To open from the inside, use the southern torch bearer again (II).

You will see a collection of books and crates. Use the Crate (Heavy) (on the bottom of a stack of crates) to find an Opticording Sphere.

Gather visions

You now must go all around Tibia and find strange symbols engraved in certain places. Once found, use the Opticording Sphere at the spot. The engravings must be decoded using binary to ASCII text conversion in order to reveal their true message. The following is all the data you will need (the order in which you go to these locations doesn't matter):

If you stand on the correct spot when using the sphere a message will appear: "Suddenly, the opticording sphere emits an extremely bright light. It seems something inside the sphere has changed.". If you are on the wrong spot the following message appears instead: "Nothing happens except... no, absolutely nothing is happening at all."

The translation of the symbols to visions is as follows.


Strange Symbols (Venore I)

The first strange symbols tile contains the following binary code:


Every sequence of 8 bits can be translated to a text symbol in the UTF-8 character set, e.g. using this website which results in the text: Venore.

Strange Symbols (Venore II)

The second strange symbols tile contains the following binary code:


Every sequence of 8 bits can be translated to a text symbol in the UTF-8 character set, e.g. using this website which results in the text: 0c041a07, which is still in hexadecimal format.

Strange Symbols (Venore III)

The third strange symbols tile contains the following binary code:


Every sequence of 8 bits can be translated to a text symbol in the UTF-8 character set, e.g. using this website which results in the text: 000a220d, which is still in hexadecimal format.

If you take the hexadecimal result from the second and third tile and put a space after every second character you get the following hexadecimal sequence of characters: 0c 04 1a 07 00 0a 22 0d. Converting every hexadecimal character to binary results in:

  • 0c = 00001100
  • 04 = 00000100
  • 1a = 00011010
  • 07 = 00000111
  • 00 = 00000000
  • 0a = 00001010
  • 22 = 00100010
  • 0d = 00001101

Then you do something with a XOR cypher.

To be expanded.


Strange Symbols (Mushroom Gardens)

The Strange Symbols (Mushroom Gardens) contains the following binary code:


Every sequence of 8 bits can be translated to a text symbol in the UTF-8 character set, e.g. using this website which results in the text: RZQALTQDE. Replacing each letter with the one following it in the alphabet (A becomes B, B becomes C and so forth) one obtains: SARBMUREF. By reversing the result one obtains: FERUMBRAS, which is Ferumbras.

Gray Island

There is some tile which contains the following binary code:


Every sequence of 8 bits can be translated to a text symbol in the UTF-8 character set, e.g. using this website which results in the text: QJ-(( (another name for Qjell, god of the Deeplings).


It is still (?) unknown how the result is obtained from this place.



There are Hieroglyphs which contain the following binary code:


Every sequence of 8 bits can be translated to a text symbol in the UTF-8 character set, e.g. using this website which results in the text: ZORALURK, which is Zoralurk.

Now that you have all 5 visions, you can begin with the NPC dialog. Go back to the Ab'Dendriel Forge. To open the path to the NPC, light both the northern torches and use the skull to the west.

Say to the NPC (the order may differ depending on the order in which you acquired visions):

hi - Zoralurk
hi - Ferumbras
hi - Garsharak
hi - Zathroth
hi - QJ-((

Five Walls of Testimony

You will now be asked the meaning of the five walls of testimony. Leave the room (light the torches and use the torch west of the chest if you get trapped) and travel to the Dwarf Mines in the surface west of Kazordoon. Go down into the southern mine entrance, here, then follow the path to the right and go down the hole, as if you were going to the Sunken Mines. Walk south into the flooded tunnels, then continue east until you find another room with a blocked entrance.

In order to enter the room, you must walk the tiles in a specific order. Walk diagonally by using the keypad or dragging your character.

Opticorder entrance

Note: If the door closes while you are inside, use the torch bearer south of the Chalk Board to open it again.

Inside the room you will find Opticorder Forge (NPC) and a Strangely Shaped Block to the east. Again, to obtain the keywords, it was necessary to convert binary symbols visible on the two walls of the block to ASCII text.

Say to the NPC:

hi - isolated cradle

Then use the Opticorder Forge object.

Opticording 1

You may then travel back to the Ab'Dendriel Forge and tell the keyword marionettes to Mysterious Ornate Chest (NPC). Doing this will unlock the chest and allow you to use it. Note: You might have to use the chest first for it to sync properly before speaking to the NPC.

Opticording 3

Opticompass Sphere

You will receive a Mysterious Metal Egg. From Tibia's 19th birthday (7 January 2016) onward this egg can be opened to reveal an Opticompass Sphere and a Rolled-up Parchment. If you use the Opticompass Sphere you will receive the message The needle spins inside the compass.

Wrecked Opticorder Forge

Go to the Otherworld (Dwarf Bridge) which can be entered here and kill 10 creatures inside the cave and enter the Glowing Vortex located here.

Walk to the south here and look for a Strange Stone (this stone seems strangely fragile). Here you need one of the following items:

Throw any of those items on the strange stone and a Hole will appear. Go down the hole, here. You will see a Wrecked Opticorder Forge, click on it to obtain a Broken Opticording Sphere. Use the Broken Opticording Sphere on your Opticording Sphere to obtain a Complete Opticording Sphere. A message will appear: "A broken opticording sphere lies just beneath the forge. Apart from a shattered shell, its mechanisms are in perfect condition."

Broken Opticording Sphere + Opticording Sphere = Complete Opticording Sphere

A message will appear: "The Key mechanism from the broken device is still in perfect condition and completes your opticording sphere."

Opticompass Sphere Part II

Now you have to travel to Krailos, where using the sphere will lead you east from town, to a place with dragon bones. Using a pick on the square above the place indicated by the sphere will send you into a small cave. The northwest area contains a color puzzle and a corridor behind a stone door. If you remove all light-emitting objects on your character you will see the tiles change colours (Blue - Red - Yellow) as you step on them. Also, in the minimap you will see a certain black dots and lines in a hallway, which is, again, binary code.

The binary code from the paper in the egg is: 0000011111011100 = 2012 in decimal.

The binary code from the minimap in the cave is: 00001011 and 00001111 = 11 and 15 in decimal.

Based on this, we have a date: 15/11/12.

Check the Tibia news archive for this date and you should find a teaser concerned with the latest revamp of Venore. Open the first animated gif image you come across and you should notice a flashing frame that is very hard to see. Once you manage to freeze that frame, it will show a 5x5 color pattern made with blue, red, and yellow flowers. This is the answer to the color puzzle. The easiest way is to start at the south and then work to the north. Remember that the tiles have a timer and will be switched into default tiles after waiting for too long, so you got to hurry a bit. When you complete the puzzle will you get teleported into the room. If you want to enter the room again after exiting, you don't have to do the entire puzzle again: just use the Stone Wall (Draft) that is adjacent to the hallway.

Frame 1 delay-0.1s

Once inside you will find an Opticorder Analyser. Click on the Analyser, having in your Backpack the Complete Opticording Sphere. You will recieve the message "The device fits. A lock clicks, the strange thing starts rumbling and then grinds to a halt faster than you can say 'magic'." and the Analyser would turn into Opticorder Analyser (Activated).


Ab'Dendriel, at Mysterious Ornate Chest (NPC)

Transcripts missing.

Dwarf Mines, at Opticorder Forge (NPC)

Player: hi
Opticorder Forge: State the meaning of walls VB and VC of testimony.
Player: isolated cradles
Opticorder Forge: Accepted. Forge activated.

Ab'Dendriel, back to Mysterious Ornate Chest (NPC)

Player: hi
Mysterious Ornate Chest: State the meaning of the first five walls of testimony.
Player: marionettes
Mysterious Ornate Chest: Accepted.

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