Property Value
Type House
Size 60 sqm
Beds 1
Rent 2700 gp per month
(45 gp per sqm)
City Thais
Street Sorcerer's Avenue
Windows 2
Floors 1
Rooms 3
Version 9.6
July 11, 2012
Status Active


Near the south-west entrance of Thais, here.


This house is one of 10 winners of 2012's spring Dream House Design contest, submitted by the player Laena the Gifted from Premia.
The house is connected to an open-air theatre, which is freely accessible. In the house 4 levers give access to special effects for shows. There is a Mystic Flame on the left side of the theatre, that teleports you to Thais's depot. There are 3 rooms, a 4x4sqm room, a 3x4sqm room with levers and a 4x5sqm room with a bed.

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