"On different Fluids, 2nd publication, part two"

by Arisophlus

I am not quite sure, but I suppose, this "beer" does not have human root. No one is able to produce it. Nevertheless, there are hundreds, thousands of potions arround this world? Where do they come from? Who is interested in drunken hunters? The answer is quite obvious: The demon! Beer is an invention of the demon!

There is another very mysterious fluid here in Tibia. People tend to call it "oil". I really don't know what to do with it. It smells strange; if you know how to put it on fire, it burns quite fine (it's not easy, but once it burns it is very hot!).

Avoid steping on a pool of oil - it's very slippery. That leads me to an idea: My watch doesn't work anymore since yesterday - maybe I should try to throw it in a glass filled with oil? If I succeed, I will write another book on this topic.

The last known brown fluid is "mud". It is a very familiar fluid; it doesn't smell, but it is dirty. I do not know, how this mud fits into our world, but it is just here. Nobody knows where it came from, nobody knows its use...


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