The Old Masonry is located below ground north of Ulderek's Rock and is reachable through the Death Portal located in the Halls of Hope. The area is part of the Forgotten Knowledge Quest.

There is a room with multiple Shadowy Statues with texts:

  • Master Eliphas, First Circle Master of the Black Sphinx
  • Mistral the Beautiful, Second Circle Master of the Black Sphinx
  • Maeve the Dark Serpent, Third Circle Master of the Black Sphinx
  • Ewart the Cold-Hearted, Fourth Circle Master of the Black Sphinx

During early tests on the Test Servers for the Winter Update 2016 Black Knights spawned in this dungeon by mistake. This caused controversy and they were quickly removed, to keep the black knight a unique spawn and keep its lore intact.


Upper floors
Undead GladiatorUndead Gladiator8001000
Vicious SquireVicious Squire9001000
Renegade KnightRenegade Knight12001450
Vile GrandmasterVile Grandmaster15001700

Deeper floors
Shaper MatriarchShaper Matriarch16502000
Broken ShaperBroken Shaper16002200
Twisted ShaperTwisted Shaper17502500

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