Alternatively to buying Premium time or an extra service via, there is also the possibility of buying these services through official resellers. Currently you can buy these services via resellers:

Name E-mail Website Countries 30 days price 30 days price (€) Difference with € 8.45
Chilepaccs Chile $5800.00 9.90 xe 17.16%
GGBill Chile/ Colombia/ Mexico R$25.00 6.42 xe Poland €8.99 8.99 6.39% Poland 41.90 zł 9.98 xe 18.11%
iLop Poland €8.99 8.99 6.39%
Jay NET Przemyslaw Chylinski Poland 41.00 zł 9.76 xe 15.5% Spain/ United Kingdom/ Poland/ Portugal/ Sweden €8.99 8.99 6.39%
MoreGameCodes United States US$13.40 11.90 xe 40.83%
One Card Inc. Algeria/ Bahrain/ Egypt/ Saudi-Arabia/ Turkey سعر الوحدة 8.45 0% Worldwide 41.56 zł 10.20 xe 20.71%
ProKey Zajac, Drewnowski Spolka Jawna Mexico/ Netherlands/ Poland/ Sweden/ United States €11 11 30.18%
Solidna Firma Poland/ United Kingdom/ Ireland 42.7 zł 10.17 xe 20.36%
TibiaLatino Bolivia/ Venezuela/ Mexico 100 Bs.F. [1]
Tibiaplanet Mexico $175.00 9.24 xe 9.35%
TibiaPraTodos Brazil/ Chile/ Mexico R$33.00 7.97 xe Chile $6500.00 8.39 xe
Tibia Mexico Mexico/ Panama/ Peru/ United States $175.00 9.24 xe 9.35%
YBrothers Egypt/ Kuwait/ Libya/ Saudi-Arabia E£100.00 10.77 xe 27.46%

Note: The price of premium time purchased via is € 8.451. The prices shown in the above table may differ depending on the exchange rate of currencies, it was last updated August 21, 2015.

  1. ^ Since there are different exchange rates for bolívares fuertes, we cannot give a correct Euro prize for this reseller.
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