A noob is a derogatory term derived from the word Newbie (a newcomer to a particular field). The term noob is used on the Internet, where it might refer to ignorant users of a game, a newsgroup, an operating system or the Internet itself. (Note: Newb is different from noob. Newb refers to new player while noob is described above)

The actual term "noob" is however strictly by Internet definitions someone who has played a game for a (usually long) set period of time and still has failed to grasp some aspects of this game which is reflected upon their ability to play, AKA their "skill". However, specifically in Tibia, the term "noob" is used to imply of someone being "new" to the game, as to tell them that their abilities are sub-par.


As explained above, noob is mainly used to insult players that don't behave as experienced players do. Frequently the terms "noob" and "newb"/"newbie" are used interchangably, but many Tibia players insist that they are fundamentally different (see below, and the article Newbie for comparison and contrast).

The use of the term noob is sometimes but not always related to being new to Tibia(see "newb" below), the label is often put on those who act foolishly or otherwise exhibit behavior that is childish and/or irritating to other players (even if they are experienced players themselves)

The use of the word noob is common near town Depots and the center of Rookgaard, where the noobs hang most of the time. They often ask other players (usually high level players) for items. They move people that stay outside Depots (outside Protection Zones), flood the default chatting channel, and from time to time attack players.

Noob can also be written as nub or nab and as n00b in leetspeak. Also "upside down" - qoou, qeu and qnu.

If you want to refer to a new player/beginner, please use the term newbie or the shorthand newb which has less risk of causing offense towards the spokesperson due to the reduction of slangs used.

People who stand in the doorway of a depot are sometimes considered noobs because It is considered an unsanctified act by Tibia Player's standards.

Many people often mimic the behaviors of noobs in order to irritate higher levels and/or those who take the game a little too seriously. This kind of mimicing behavior however, is simply just fishing for an emotional response which is considered trolling.

There has also been a phenomenon created where It is necessary for one to act in a noobish manner in order to expose the utter foolishness or other sub-par qualities of another player, often them being higher level character, coequally referred to as "[a]loser" or "person who plays to much Tibia"

When noobish behavior is used to counteract the behaviors or attitudes of the aforementioned "losers" it is deemed a worthy action.

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