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8.1 (December 11, 2007)
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Nightmare Outfits Quest
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Also known as: Nightmare Knight Outfits Quest
Reward: Nightmare Outfits and addons
Outfit Nightmare Male Addon 3 Outfit Nightmare Female Addon 3
Location: Plains of Havoc
Level required: 0
Level recommended: 40-70+
Be prepared to face: All monsters in Dreamer's Challenge Quest.


Outfit Nightmare Male Outfit Nightmare Female

Complete Mission 1 to 4 in Dreamer's Challenge Quest and then use a Document of the Follower.


Outfit Nightmare Male Addon 2 Outfit Nightmare Female Addon 2

Complete Mission 5 in Dreamer's Challenge Quest (hand over 500 Demonic Essences) and then use a Document of the Officer.


Outfit Nightmare Male Addon 1 Outfit Nightmare Female Addon 1

Complete Mission 6 in Dreamer's Challenge Quest (hand over 1000 more Demonic Essences) and then use a Document of the Leader.


How do I obtain these documents?
You can receive them from someone who has handed over 3000 essences (mission 7 of Dreamer's Challenge Quest. Alternatively you could hand over 3000 (total) essences to receive them yourself.
How do I travel back to the NPC after completing mission 4?
You'll need an Orichalcum Pearl. Search for the Knightwatch Tower and enter one of the portals in it.

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