Nibelor is a small island to the north-east of Svargrond. The powerful spirit guardians of Svargrond have established themselves there and are often meditating and increasing their power. The surface of this island isn't a real good hunting place, since it has only little and weak monsters. Two holes in the southern part of the island (here and here) lead to the Nibelor Ice Cave which is inhabited by Ice Golems and Crystal Spiders.

In order to access this island you can do so by asking for a "passage" to Iskan though you might need to do something for him first. If you wish to return to Svargrond you must ask for "passage" to Nilsor.


Nibelor NPCs (3 NPCs)
HjaernHjaernShamanNibelor, in a cave to the north.
NilsorNilsorShamanNibelor, west of the stone circle.
SiflindSiflindShamanNibelor, second floor of the northern mountain.


Nibelor Surface Creatures
Chakoya TribewardenChakoya Tribewarden4068
  • This creature drops no loot.
Polar BearPolar Bear2885
Silver RabbitSilver Rabbit015
Winter WolfWinter Wolf2030

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