Player: hi
Nelly: Hello Player, What can I do for you? I'm working for the post office, but I also {trade} with important potions, runes and other magical equipment.
Player: name
Nelly: I am Nelly ... Any special reason you ask?
Player: job
Nelly: I am working for the local post office. I also happen to have some recently imported potions and runes to sell for a very special price.
Player: mission or task
Nelly: I don't have anything to do for you. Not even for me. What a boring place!
Player: king
Nelly: I wonder if the king in Thais even knows that this post office exists.
Player: Queen
Nelly: At least the queen has some representatives here. Not that anyone in Thais would care about this block of ice.
Player: Enemies
Nelly: The city seems to be surrounded by enemies. It's just horrible.
Player: druids
Nelly: Druids of Carlin come here now and then to meet with the local shaman.
Player: shamans
Nelly: Just another name for the same magic users as usual. Probably spying on unsuspecting people like all those magic guys do.
Player: gods
Nelly: This place is godforsaken.
Player: Ferumbras
Nelly: May his name be cursed.
Player: Excalibug
Nelly: A myth the locals probably enjoy.
Player: news
Nelly: As if anything you'd get to hear, could be considered new.
Player: Carlin
Nelly: Carlin lost interest in this place quite fast.
Player: Edron
Nelly: What are you suggesting? What do you know ... No, you can't know anything at all. Just forget it.
Player: Svargrond
Nelly: Yes, that's Svargrond. Welcome to the end of the world.
Player: Thais
Nelly: Thais has no affairs here.
Player: Venore
Nelly: I wonder if things were better if Venore ran the mining operations.
Player: Port Hope
Nelly: It probably would be even better to be in that backwater town than here.
Player: dwarf
Nelly: It seems even the dwarfs know better than to try their luck here.
Player: elf
Nelly: The elves are of no great help here. They prefer to stay in warmer climates.
Player: potion
Nelly: We offer health, spirit and mana potions in up to four sizes: normal, strong, great and ultimate. Ask me for a {trade} to see my offers.
Player: yeti
Nelly: The locals have so many superstitions, who can tell what's the truth and what is a myth.
Player: chakoya
Nelly: Those chakoyas are hopefully just a local myth.
Player: cult
Nelly: There were several strange people passing through the city some months ago. As far as I heard, they headed to the west and probably died in the cold.
Player: jarl
Nelly: The local authority and the first man here. He seems quite reasonable for a northman to me.
Player: barbarian
Nelly: Those barbarians are just ruffians with no manners.
Player: raiders
Nelly: Who cares, I would not be that stupid to leave this frozen town anyway.
Player: mines
Nelly: The loss of the mines doomed this place to complete insignificance.
Player: Chyll
Nelly: I think that's how the natives call the wind.
Player: Nibelor
Nelly: I am not sure if it's a real place. Perhaps it's only some myth. Who knows or cares?
Player: years of serpents
Nelly: If only these sea serpents had never disappeared.
Player: how are you?
Nelly: What do you know that makes you asking??
Player: bye
Nelly: Good bye, Player.

About mail system

Player: sell or offer
Nelly: I sell parcels, letters, health potions, mana potions and runes.
Player: post or mailbox
Nelly: With our mail system you can send {letters} and {parcels} to other Tibians. I can give you detailed {information} or sell letters and parcels to you if you ask me for a {trade}.
Player: letter
Nelly: If you want to buy a letter, ask me for a {trade}. Or do you want me to explain how letters work?
Player: yes
Nelly: With a letter you can send a message to another Tibian's {depot}. If you want to send it to 'Ben' in 'Thais', use the letter - so that a form opens - and write 'Ben' in the first line and 'Thais' in the second line. Write your message below that. ...
Player: information or Help
Nelly: I can explain the {mail} system to you, or how {parcels} and {letters} work. If you want to buy something, ask me for a {trade}.

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