Necromancers are usually found in hard-to-reach places, as they generally prefer to be alone. They have developed some very strong magic, especially concerning reanimating dead creatures, and summoning the undead. They usually worship the evil gods, and admire their strength and power.

Necromancer NPCs (5 NPCs)
A Dark PriestessA Dark PriestessClericBeneath the Demonwar Crypt
AdreniusAdreniusClericIn a temple in the Jakundaf Desert
Elyen RavenlockElyen RavenlockClericDrefia, in a cave north of the star-shaped room
LugriLugriClericUnderground near Alatar Lake, north of Thais.
SkjaarSkjaarGuardBelow Mount Sternum near the grave of his master.

Other Necromancers: Agaltha, Arcian, Goshnar, Kaine, Netlios

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