Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Ankrahmun
Position 129.84, 127.14, 4
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Djinn
Occupational Properties
Job Shopkeeper
Other Properties
Version 7.3
August 11, 2004
Status Active
You see Nah'Bob.


Ashta'daramai (Blue Djinn Fortress).


Sells and buys equipment and weapons at profitable prices. He and Haroun are dealing in different equipment for the Marid and Blue Djinn army.

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Part of What a Foolish Quest, mission 10.

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Trade Details


Item   Value
Angelic Axe Weapons Axe5000
Blue Robe Body Equipment Golden Armor10000
Bonelord Shield Body Equipment Golden Armor1200
Boots of Haste Body Equipment Golden Armor30000
Broadsword Weapons Axe500
Butcher's Axe Weapons Axe18000
Crown Armor Body Equipment Golden Armor12000
Crown Helmet Body Equipment Golden Armor2500
Crown Legs Body Equipment Golden Armor12000
Crown Shield Body Equipment Golden Armor8000
Crusader Helmet Body Equipment Golden Armor6000
Dragon Lance Weapons Axe9000
Dragon Shield Body Equipment Golden Armor4000
Earth Spike Sword Weapons Axe1000
Earth War Hammer Weapons Axe1200
Energy Spike Sword Weapons Axe1000
Energy War Hammer Weapons Axe1200
Fiery Spike Sword Weapons Axe1000
Fiery War Hammer Weapons Axe1200
Fire Axe Weapons Axe8000
Fire Sword Weapons Axe4000
Glorious Axe Weapons Axe3000
Guardian Shield Body Equipment Golden Armor2000
Ice Rapier Weapons Axe1000
Icy Spike Sword Weapons Axe1000
Icy War Hammer Weapons Axe1200
Noble Armor Body Equipment Golden Armor900
Obsidian Lance Weapons Axe500
Phoenix Shield Body Equipment Golden Armor16000
Queen's Sceptre Weapons Axe20000
Royal Helmet Body Equipment Golden Armor30000
Shadow Sceptre Weapons Axe10000
Spike Sword Weapons Axe1000
Thaian Sword Weapons Axe16000
War Hammer Weapons Axe1200


Item   Value
Bonelord Shield Body Equipment Golden Armor7000
Noble Armor Body Equipment Golden Armor8000
Obsidian Lance Weapons Axe3000
Spike Sword Weapons Axe8000
War Hammer Weapons Axe10000

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