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Property Value
Est. Length
Level 40
(50+ recommended)
Classification Quest
Version Unknown.
Status Active


Deep inside a dragon-filled place a treasure is hidden...



Required Equipment


  • Follow the passage to the south-east, and go down another level.

Naginata Quest Map 1

  • Continue to the south, and then to the east. Go up the ladder.

Naginata Quest Map 2

  • Follow this short passage to the south-west and go down two levels.

Naginata Quest Map 3a Naginata Quest Map 3b

  • Follow this passage around to the south, and go up.

Naginata Quest Map 4

  • Go directly west, and then down a level.

Naginata Quest Map 5

  • Follow the passage north and go down again.

Naginata Quest Map 6a

  • In this room, Go up a level to enter the Dragon Lair.

Naginata Quest Map 6b

  • In the dragon lair, you will encounter many Dragons from all directions. There will also be one or two Dragon Lords in the north end of the room.
  • Go to the small room in to the north. There will be a large rock over a hole. Use a Pick on the rock until the rock breaks, then go down the hole. WARNING! While destroying the rock you lose Hitpoints.

Naginata Quest Map 07

  • The reward is in a chest in the north end of this room.

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