"NPC" stands for "Non-Player Character". They are characters that are in specific places throughout Tibia, and they are not controlled by a real-life human being.

Most NPCs exist to trade Items, but not all NPCs buy and sell things. Some NPCs are in the game as part of a Quest, and others are merely for roleplaying purposes.

There are currently 975 NPCs in Tibia.

NPC Lists

NPCs by Geographical location


These NPCs don't have a fixed location, are event related or not in-game any more.

Varies NPCs Varies NPCs Event NPCs Event NPCs Deprecated NPCs Deprecated NPCs

Free Account cities

Ab'Dendriel NPCs Ab'Dendriel NPCs Carlin NPCs Carlin NPCs Kazordoon NPCs Kazordoon NPCs
Thais NPCs Thais NPCs Venore NPCs Venore NPCs

Free Account villages or remote places

Adventurers' Guild NPCs Adventurers' Guild NPCs Dark Cathedral NPCs Dark Cathedral NPCs Dawnport NPCs Dawnport NPCs
Femor Hills NPCs Femor Hills NPCs Fibula NPCs Fibula NPCs Fields of Glory NPCs Fields of Glory NPCs
Folda NPCs Folda NPCs Ghostlands NPCs Ghostlands NPCs Greenshore NPCs Greenshore NPCs
Island of Destiny NPCs Island of Destiny NPCs Isle of the Kings NPCs Isle of the Kings NPCs Jakundaf Desert NPCs Jakundaf Desert NPCs
Mintwallin NPCs Mintwallin NPCs Mount Sternum NPCs Mount Sternum NPCs Northport NPCs Northport NPCs
Outlaw Camp NPCs Outlaw Camp NPCs Plains of Havoc NPCs Plains of Havoc NPCs Robson's Isle NPCs Robson's Isle NPCs
Rookgaard NPCs Rookgaard NPCs Senja NPCs Senja NPCs Travora NPCs Travora NPCs
Ulderek's Rock NPCs Ulderek's Rock NPCs Vega NPCs Vega NPCs

Premium Account cities

Ankrahmun NPCs Ankrahmun NPCs Darashia NPCs Darashia NPCs Edron NPCs Edron NPCs
Farmine NPCs Farmine NPCs Gnomegate NPCs Gnomegate NPCs Gray Beach NPCs Gray Beach NPCs
Liberty Bay NPCs Liberty Bay NPCs Port Hope NPCs Port Hope NPCs Rathleton NPCs Rathleton NPCs
Roshamuul NPCs Roshamuul NPCs Svargrond NPCs Svargrond NPCs Yalahar NPCs Yalahar NPCs

Premium Account villages or remote places

Beregar NPCs Beregar NPCs Chaochai NPCs Chaochai NPCs Chazorai NPCs Chazorai NPCs
Cormaya NPCs Cormaya NPCs Drefia NPCs Drefia NPCs Goroma NPCs Goroma NPCs
Gray Island NPCs Gray Island NPCs Grimlund NPCs Grimlund NPCs Isle of Solitude NPCs Isle of Solitude NPCs
Krimhorn NPCs Krimhorn NPCs Laguna Islands NPCs Laguna Islands NPCs Meluna NPCs Meluna NPCs
Meriana NPCs Meriana NPCs Muggy Plains NPCs Muggy Plains NPCs Nargor NPCs Nargor NPCs
Nibelor NPCs Nibelor NPCs Razachai NPCs Razachai NPCs Stonehome NPCs Stonehome NPCs
The Spike NPCs The Spike NPCs Treasure Hunt Island NPCs Treasure Hunt Island NPCs Treasure Island NPCs Treasure Island NPCs
Tyrsung NPCs Tyrsung NPCs Vengoth NPCs Vengoth NPCs Zao Mountain NPCs Cavemen NPCs
Zao Rebel Camp NPCs Zao Rebel Camp NPCs Zao Steppe NPCs Zao Steppe NPCs

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