My dear friend,
as your former teacher and mentor I am pleased by the eagerness you show for your researches, but there are certain things I want to remind you about. First of all, the magic the Yalahari used for their golem creation might as well be based on a entirely different magic system. Just like we cannot use the magic of the mysterious voodoo with our scholarly magic, it might be similarly impossible to use the Yalahari ritual if we were able to get hold of it. It is far more likely that we will have to understand what the ritual does and then try to recreate its effects with our own magical approach. I do not need to point out what a tedious and time consuming process that would require. It is entirely possible that the process would last more than a lifetime to be accomplished. Even if we stumbled on the original ancient rituals involved in the process of golem creation and found the used magic to be similar to our own, we would still face the problem that we were playing with forces which we do not really understand which involves certain risks that better be avoided (but I know that I am talking to deaf ears here given your eagerness to follow your ideas). At a last point I want to remind you that magic as the predominant science in our world has made most other sciences almost obsolete. So we know certainly less about metallurgy and mechanics than the Yalahari did. I strongly recommend to consult the dwarfish technomancers on this issue. They possess the most knowledge concerning these subjects in our world and though they are not known to share their knowledge with outsiders, they might be the only way to gain a glimpse of understanding the nature of the mechanical golems. As long as we do not get help from the technomancers, I strongly recommend to concentrate your researches on the rituals, and to use parts of old and destroyed golems you might acquire one way or the other for your studies. It would not be useful for your researches to wear out your mental and physical resources by trying to solve both problems at once. I will continue my own researches as good as possible from here and keep you informed of every progress I make.
Your friend M.


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