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Mr. West NPC Mr. West
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Location: Trade Quarter, here.
Occupation: Organisation Leader
Sound(s): "I'll make them an offer they can't refuse."
Notes: He is the unofficial leader of the Trade Quarter. He can only be reached through the Yalahar Sewers.
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Transcripts [Edit these transcripts]

Player: hi
Mr. West: Wh .. What? How did you get here? Where are all the guards? You .. you could have killed me but yet you chose to talk? What a relief! ...
Mr. West: So what brings you here my friend, if I might call you like that?
Player: friend
Mr. West: I guess you are here on a mission.
Player: mission
Mr. West: Indeed, I can see the benefits of a mutual agreement. I will later read the details and send a letter to your superior.
Player: bye
Mr. West: Good bye.

Player: hi
Mr. West: Hello. What brings you here?
Player: here
Mr. West: I guess you are here on a mission.
Player: yalahar
Mr. West: Yalahar is an oyster. Its treasure is waiting to be excavated by someone with the necessary determination.
Player: thais
Mr. West: The word is that Thais is a dangerous place which you better do not visit unprepared.
Player: venore
Mr. West: The trade barons know how to run a city, that's for sure. Unfortunately, they are greedier than it is good for them. I'm prepared to deal with their intrusion into my territory.
Player: carlin
Mr. West: The illusion of peace that this city is offering often distracts the attention from the dangers lurking there.
Player: kazordoon
Mr. West: Those dwarfs know how to fortify a city. Perhaps one day, when I've earned enough money and have grown too old for the trouble in Yalahar, I will retire there.
Player: ab'dendriel
Mr. West: I wouldn't trust a single elf, let alone a whole city of them.
Player: bye
Mr. West: Good bye.

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