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Mounts were introduced with the Winter Update 2010. Due to their popularity, new mounts are implemented every major update. Currently there are 72 different ones. Mounted characters receive a new look and a bonus of 10 speed levels.

34 mounts are obtainable by using Taming Items lootable from creatures on them or by earning them through a quest. Taming items can succeed, fail and even break; each with its own break rates.

Furthermore, another 37 mounts can only be obtained by buying them with Real Life money. 7 of these were limited offers. There's also 1 mount which is the only non-permanent one.

To toggle between mounted and unmounted you may use the hotkey Ctrl+R. You will automatically dismount if you enter a Protection Zone, but since June 3 2014 you will automatically remount when you leave the protection zone, if you were mounted before entering it.

Free Account players can tame creatures and earn the achievement Natural Born Cowboy, but they will only be able to ride Rented Horses and not any of the "permanent" mounts unless they activate some Premium Time. However, mounts purchased through the Payment System can be used in-game whenever you want, no matter if you are a free account or a premium account.

For more in-depth information relating to the mounts available to you, see Guide:Mounts.


Name Taming method
Armoured War Horse Armoured War Horse Adding Premium Time during a specific date.
Azudocus Azudocus Buying it on in a specific period of time.
Black Sheep (Mount) Black Sheep (Mount) Use Reins on a Black Sheep.
Black Stag Black Stag Buying it on
Blackpelt Blackpelt Buying it on
Blazebringer Blazebringer If you have lit all 10 basins on a successful Lightbearer event, you can ask Santa Claus for a very special present to receive this mount.
Carpacosaurus Carpacosaurus Buying it on in a specific period of time.
Copper Fly Copper Fly Buying it on
Crimson Ray Crimson Ray Adding Premium Time during a specific date.
Crystal Wolf (Mount) Crystal Wolf (Mount) Use a Diapason on a Crystal Wolf.
Death Crawler Death Crawler Buying it on
Desert King Desert King Buying it on
Donkey Donkey Use a Bag of Apple Slices on a creature transformed into Donkey.
Doombringer Doombringer Buying it on
Dragonling (Mount) Dragonling (Mount) Use Decorative Ribbon or Music Box on a Dragonling.
Draptor (Mount) Draptor (Mount) Use a Harness or a Music Box on a Draptor.
Dromedary (Mount) Dromedary (Mount) Use a Fist on a Stick on a Dromedary.
Emerald Waccoon Emerald Waccoon Buying it on
Emperor Deer Emperor Deer Buying it on
Flamesteed Flamesteed Buying it on
Floating Kashmir Floating Kashmir Buying it on
Flying Divan Flying Divan Buying it on
Glacier Vagabond Glacier Vagabond Buying it on
Glooth Glider Glooth Glider Unknown.
Gnarlhound (Mount) Gnarlhound (Mount) Use a Golem Wrench on a Modified Gnarlhound.
Golden Dragonfly Golden Dragonfly Buying it on
Hailstorm Fury Hailstorm Fury Buying it on
Highland Yak Highland Yak Buying it on
Ironblight (Mount) Ironblight (Mount) Use an Iron Load Stone or a Music Box on Ironblight.
Jade Lion Jade Lion Buying it on
Jade Pincer Jade Pincer Buying it on
King Scorpion King Scorpion Use a Scorpion Sceptre on a Sandstone Scorpion.
Kingly Deer Kingly Deer Use a Golden Fir Cone or a Music Box on an Enraged White Deer.
Ladybug (Mount) Ladybug (Mount) Use a Four-Leaf Clover on a Ladybug
Magic Carpet (Mount) Magic Carpet (Mount) Buying it on
Magma Crawler (Mount) Magma Crawler (Mount) Use Glow Wine or a Music Box on a Magma Crawler.
Manta Ray (Mount) Manta Ray (Mount) Use a Foxtail on a Manta Ray.
Midnight Panther (Mount) Midnight Panther (Mount) Use a Leather Whip or a Music Box on a Midnight Panther.
Nethersteed Nethersteed Buying it on
Night Waccoon Night Waccoon Buying it on
Noble Lion (Mount) Noble Lion (Mount) Use The Lion's Heart on a Noble Lion.
Platesaurian Platesaurian Buying it on in a specific period of time.
Poisonbane Poisonbane Buying it on
Racing Bird Racing Bird Use a Carrot on a Stick on a Terror Bird.
Rapid Boar Rapid Boar Use a Hunting Horn on a Boar.
Rented Horse Rented Horse Rent a Horse from Appaloosa at the Venore horse station or from Palomino at the Thais horse station (500 gold for 24 Real Life hours).
Ringtail Waccoon Ringtail Waccoon Buying it on
Shadow Draptor Shadow Draptor Adding Premium Time during a specific date.
Shadow Hart Shadow Hart Buying it on
Shock Head (Mount) Shock Head (Mount) Use a Nightmare Horn on a Shock Head.
Siegebreaker Siegebreaker Buying it on
Stampor (Mount) Stampor (Mount) Give 30 Hollow Stampor Hoof, 50 Stampor Horn and 100 Stampor Talons to Chondur in Meriana.
Steel Bee Steel Bee Buying it on
Steelbeak Steelbeak Adding Premium Time during a specific date.
Tamed Panda Tamed Panda Use Bamboo Leaves or a Music Box on a Panda.
Tempest Tempest Buying it on
The Hellgrip The Hellgrip Use a Nail Case on a Gravedigger.
Tiger Slug Tiger Slug Use a Slug Drug on a Slug.
Tin Lizzard Tin Lizzard Use a Tin Key on a stationary Tin Lizzard.
Titanica Titanica Use a Giant Shrimp on a Crustacea Gigantica.
Tombstinger Tombstinger Buying it on
Tundra Rambler Tundra Rambler Buying it on
Undead Cavebear (Mount) Undead Cavebear (Mount) Use a Maxilla Maximus on an Undead Cavebear.
Uniwheel Uniwheel Use a Golden Can of Oil on a stationary Uniwheel.
Ursagrodon Ursagrodon Use a Melting Horn on a Half-Frozen Ursagrodon.
Walker (Mount) Walker (Mount) Use a Control Unit on a Walker.
War Bear War Bear Use a Slingshot on a Bear.
War Horse War Horse Use Sugar Oat or a Music Box on a Wild Horse.
Water Buffalo (Mount) Water Buffalo (Mount) Use Leech on a Water Buffalo.
Widow Queen Widow Queen Use Sweet Smelling Bait or a Music Box on a Wailing Widow.
Winter King Winter King Buying it on
Woodland Prince Woodland Prince Buying it on

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