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Mount Sternum is a mountain located north-east of Thais and south-west of Kazordoon. It is home to many wild creatures such as Cyclopes and ghouls. This was once the only path from Thais to the rest of the continent but now a southern road bypasses the mountain. Some adventures and quests can be found deep within this mountain. This is a very good hunting place, you can advance 10,000 experience in only 20 minutes. There is also a dragon lair at the deepest floor.
Graveyard of the doomed with interesting inscriptions can be found deep under Mount Sternum.

Watch out so you don't get surrounded by the Cyclops Smiths when at low levels. It can be your death. If you don't have to travel long distances, you can activate Magic Shield to pass them safely.

Mount Sternum was revamped in an update adding larger underground caves and Cyclops Drones/Cyclops Smiths.

Name   Job Buy/Sell Location
Skjaar Skjaar Necromancer yes Below Mount Sternum near the grave of his master.

Monsters in/under Mount Sternum

Name   Exp HP sum/con Loot
Cave Rat Cave Rat 10 30 250/250
Bat Bat 10 30 250/250
Spider Spider 12 20 210/210
Poison Spider Poison Spider 22 26 270/--
Skeleton Skeleton 35 50 300/300
Ghoul Ghoul 85 100 450/450
Cyclops Cyclops 150 260 490/490
Cyclops Drone Cyclops Drone 200 325 --/525
Cyclops Smith Cyclops Smith 255 435 --/695

Monsters in the north-west of Mount Sternum

Name   Exp HP sum/con Loot
Wolf Wolf 18 25 255/255
Bear Bear 23 80 300/300
Hunter Hunter 150 150 --/530
Elf Elf 42 100 --/320
Elf Scout Elf Scout 75 160 --/360
Elf Arcanist Elf Arcanist 175 220 --/--

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