Minotaur Hell is a cave that lies north of Rookgaard. It can be accessed through the main Rookgaard cave, here. You will meet Snakes, Wolves, Trolls, Orcs and Minotaurs on the way to Minotaur Hell. It is a dangerous place to hunt alone, therefor it is recommended to bring a team. But if hunting alone, a good idea to take a box and let only one or two attack at a time. There is a Minotaur Mage visible in a room to the west, although it is unreachable. There is a book regarding his presence there.

Since the Christmas Update 2006 a boss creature, Apprentice Sheng has a chance of spawning.

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The Minotaur Hell Quest is located here.
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Apprentice ShengApprentice Sheng15095
Minotaur MageMinotaur Mage150155

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