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Mini World Changes were implemented in the Winter Update 2011. Just as World Changes do, they allow for a more dynamic shaping of the Tibian world but unlike them, these cannot be triggered through actions made by Players. These changes happen somewhat rarely and do not come with warnings. They last a few hours. NPC Towncryer tells you about these mini changes, by shouting a message. Since Updates/10.2 it's also possible to check which MWCs are active on the World Board at the Adventurer's Guild.

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This page may contain spoiler information. Reading futher is at your own risk.

Table of Contents

Name Location Achievement Reward
Bank Robbery Ab'Dendriel, Carlin, Thais or Venore Honest Finder, Goldhunter 1,000 gp
Bored Green Claw Swamp Someone's Bored and Torn Treasures Ability to obtain a Torn Teddy
Chakoya Iceberg Tiquanda None Hunting Chakoyas
Chyllfroest Chyllfroest None Ability to obtain a Ursagrodon.
Devovorga's Essence Vengoth Slayer of Anmothra, Slayer of Chikhaton, Slayer of Irahsae, Slayer of Phrodomo and Slayer of Teneshpar Ability to kill Devovorga's incarnations.
Down the Drain Outlaw Camp Down the Drain Outlaw Camp/Water Elemental Dungeon
Fire from the Earth Goroma Fire from the Earth Stronger creatures inside Hellgore
Fury Gates Varies None Hunting fiery creatures
Grimvale Grimvale None Hunting Were-Creatures, ability to do the Grimvale Quest
Hive Outpost Vandura None Hunting Hive Born
Jungle Camp Tiquanda None Hunting Poachers and Hunters or Dworcs
Kingsday Thais Loyal Subject Fight against the raids in the Knights Arena
Lumberjack Fields of Glory Whistle-Blower Ability to sell Wood
Nightmare Isles Kha'labal, Devourer None Ability to obtain a Nightmare Teddy
Nomads Kha'labal Chest Robber 10 Ham, 50 Fishes, 3 Small Emeralds, Black Pearl, Small Topaz and Silver Amulet
Noodles is Gone Thais Dog Sitter 1,000 experience points and 500 gp, Fan Doll of Queen Eloise or a Basket (Puppies)
Oriental Trader Ankrahmun, Carlin or Liberty Bay Si, Ariki! Ability to sell many Creature Products
Poacher Caves Ferngrims Gate None Hunting game, Poacher and Hunters, or Ghost and Gloom Wolves
River Runs Deep Zao Steppe Desert Fisher Sandfishes
Spider Nest Venore Nestling Ability to kill Mamma Longlegs
Spirit Grounds Darashia, Ghostlands or Vengoth None Hunting Undead
Stampede Tiquanda Trail of the Ape God Elephant Tusks
Thawing Svargrond Ice Harvester Ice Flower Seeds
Warpath Jakundaf Desert, Carlin or Femor Hills Bibby's Bloodbath Ability to kill Bibby Bloodbath

Bank Robbery

World Board: Several banks in major coastal towns are being robbed! The thieves are still on the loose!
Towncryer: Hear ye! Hear ye! Stand and deliver! That's what they shout, robbing banks in main's coastal towns and then hide out. Catch the thieves and make us proud, bring back the gold to please the crowd!

This change affects one of the banks of Ab'Dendriel, Carlin, Thais and Venore.

From time to time thieves will rob one of the banks of Tibia and the bankers will ask you for help. In order to restore the bank's functionality you will have to find and fight the thieves and bring back the bags of stolen money for a small reward. This Mini World Change will start at a random time during a day and end when the thief is caught, unlike other Mini World Changes which start after server save and run until another server save. This means that Towncryer will not announce the robbery if it has yet to occur or the money has already been returned.

If you bring back the stolen goods you will get the achievement Honest Finder and 10 Platinum Coins. After returning 5 bags you will receive the achievement Goldhunter.


Player: hi
Naji: HELP! We have been robbed! I can't give you any gold until the robber has been brought to justice or we have received a compensation from the king. I think the robbers ran towards the Ancient Temple.

Player: hi
Naji: I'm sorry, but we have been robb- hey, what's that bag? Have you hunted down the bank robbers?
Player: yes
Naji: Hey, awesome. Good job. Here's some gold for all your work. Thanks to you we can open the bank again.

  • For Rokyn (Those lousy treehuggers! By Durin's beard!)

Player: hi
Rokyn: Those Shadowthorn elves have gone too far this time! A whole crowd of them stormed the bank, and even though I fought them back the best I could, I was outnumbered by dozens. ...
Rokyn: I fear the gold is gone, kid. The merchants here will help us pay the debts, but not before tomorrow. Unless someone finds and kills those elves I can't do anything for you.

Player: hi
Rokyn: Those Shadowthorn elves have - wait a minute. Is that the missing gold?
Player: yes
Rokyn: Thank you! Maybe you humans aren't all too bad. Here's a little something for your effort. We can open the bank again!

Player: hi
Rokyn: Ha, those lousy elves got what they deserved. All the robbed money has been returned to the bank. What can I do for you?

Player: hi
Eva: *Sob*... I'm still in shock. A man just came up to the counter and he... he... forced me to fork over all of the gold. I'm really sorry, but I can't serve you right now. ...
Eva: The queen has been informed, but it won't be until tomorrow that she will compensate the losses. Maybe you can help find the robber? He ran off into the direction of the ghostlands.

Player: hi
Eva: *Sob*... *sniff*... Ohhhh!! All that shiny glittering gold! Have you caught the bank robbers?
Player: yes
Eva: Thank you so much! I feel much safer now knowing those robbers have been caught. Here's a little something for your effort. We can open the bank again!

Player: hi
I can't believe it - the {bank} robber has actually been caught and the gold been returned. I'm so relieved. How may I serve you? (this is also one of her sounds for the following minutes)

Player: hi
Finarfin: HELP! We have been robbed! A whole bunch of no-good dwarves stormed the bank and took all of our gold. I fear they hauled it into the Kazordoon mines. I can't serve you until we have gold again.

Player: hi
Finarfin: I'm sorry, but we still can't... wait. What's that big bag over your shoulder? Have you caught the bank robbers?
Player: yes
Finarfin: Thank you! Maybe you humans aren't all too bad. Here's a little something for your effort. We can open the bank again!

Player: hi
Finarfin: Those dwarven scumbags have been caught and the gold from the bank robbery was returned. I can fulfil your bank business as usual.


World Board: Sharpen your sword! The witch Wyda seems to be bored so pay her a visit!
Towncryer: Hear ye! Hear ye! The witch Wyda seems to be bored. Pay her a visit but sharpen your sword. She might come up with a terrible surprise, are you brave enough to believe your eyes?

This change happens in the Green Claw Swamp.

When Wyda is bored she will react different to keywords. If after saying "quest" she tells you that she's bored, you can bring her Blood Herbs and you have the chance to get a Torn Teddy and the achievement Torn Treasures. It's also possible to earn the achievement Someone's Bored by killing one of the fake Giant Spiders which spawn around Wyda's house.

Handing in Blood Herb Blood Herbs, 58 trials.

Tries to get 1
WitchesbroomWitchesbroom 56 96.55% 2
Torn TeddyTorn Teddy 2 3.45% 29

Player: hi
Wyda: I'm bored! Bored bored bored! Nothing ever happens here!
Player: quest
Wyda: To be honest, I'm drowning in blood herbs by now.
Player: blood herb
Wyda: Arrr... here we go again.... do you have a #$*§# blood herb for me?
Player: yes
Wyda: Thank you -SOOO- much! No, I really mean it! Really! Here, let me give you a reward...
(gives you a Witchesbroom)
Player: bye
Wyda: NO! Don't go! I need someone to entertain me!

Chakoya Iceberg

World Board: A big iceberg has been washed up at the coast north of Port Hope. It seems to be inhabited by strange white furballs.
Towncryer: A floating vessel of ice is not at all nice when it brings unbidden friends to Port Hope's lands.

In the northern part of Tiquanda a massive iceberg will have stranded, here. As many Chakoyas inhabit this iceberg, it is a decent place to obtain some Fireproof Horns.


World Board: An ice bridge now connects Svargrond to a frosty island, where monsters and a strange frozen creature have been sighted.
Towncryer: An icy bridge reaches toward an isle of frost and hidden fire, with cold-hearted monsters grim and dire.

This is a special kind of MWC. From April 3 to May 3 every year, the frosty island of Chyllfroest will be accessible. Be prepared to face a large variety of creatures, and even the occassional Yeti. This MWC provides you with the only possibility of taming an Ursagrodon.

Devovorga's Essence

World Board: In case you have some spare tentacle pieces, you can now use Devovorga's very essence to enter a boss lair!
Towncryer: Hear ye! Hear ye! Use Devovorga's Essence to fight an evil presence! Trade your every tentacle piece, to enter a boss' lair with ease!

When this Mini World Change is active it's possible to enter the teleport in Vengoth here. In there you can get the chance to fight Devovorga's incarnations in exchange for Tentacle Pieces.

Incarnation Tentacle Pieces Achievement
Anmothra 2 Slayer of Anmothra
Irahsae 5 Slayer of Irahsae
Teneshpar 8 Slayer of Teneshpar
Chikhaton 12 Slayer of Chikhaton
Phrodomo 16 Slayer of Phrodomo

Down the Drain

World Board: The river south of the outlaw camp is flooding. A small island there should now be reachable safely.
Towncryer: Hear ye! Hear ye! A river is flooding, south of the outlaw base. Explore a new isle, an unknown place. Don't be afraid, but ready your blade.

This change is to the south of Outlaw Camp.

A new island becomes accessible containing a spawn of 11 Water Elementals. Kill 50 of them in the dungeon to receive the achievement Down the Drain.

Fire from the Earth

World Board: The volcano on Goroma sends his fiery message into the sky. A lot of creatures are flooding the lands together with its lava.
Towncryer: Hear ye! Hear ye! The volcano on Goroma is spitting fire. Creatures are spawning, strong and dire. Lava is heading up the land. Adventurer, be careful or it will be your last stand!

The Hellgore volcano erupts on Goroma.

Instead of the regular Stone Golems, Fire Elementals and Fire Devils, stronger creatures will appear inside the volcano: Demons, Diabolic Imps, Dragons, Dragon Hatchlings, Dragon Lords, Dragon Lord Hatchlings, Dragonlings and Hellfire Fighters. Therefore this MWC provides you with an excellent opportunity to tame your very own Dragonling.

Kill 50 fiery creatures of any kind (on top of or inside the volcano) to get the achievement Fire from the Earth.

Fury Gates

World Board:A fiery fury gate has opened near one of the major cities somewhere in Tibia.
Towncryer: Hear ye! Hear ye! A fiery gate has opened, threatening a city! Guard the people frightened, their death would be a pity!

Near one of Tibia's cities, a Fury Gate has opened. This gate leads you into a dungeon completely filled with all kinds of fiery creatures. It can appear nearby any of these towns: Ab'Dendriel (here), Ankrahmun (here), Carlin (here), Darashia (here), Edron (here), Kazordoon (here), Liberty Bay (here), Port Hope (here), Thais (here) and Venore (here).


World Board: The full moon has a strange impact on the island of Grimvale. The small forest there seems darker, filled with nightly howls.
Towncryer: The full moon pale has risen over Grimvale. Help lift the curse, you won't be off worse!

From the 13th to the 15th of each month, the full moon will rise over Grimvale. This means that the harmless Bandits inhabiting the island will turn into fearsome Were-Creatures! Take this opportunity to do the Grimvale Quest and rid the normally peaceful island from this awful curse.

Hive Outpost

World Board: A hive infestation has been sighted south-west of Liberty Bay! An unnerving humming and buzzing is filling the air.
Towncryer: A chitinous Hive outpost has been located on Liberty Bay's coast. Make sure those locusts are toast!

On the west side of Vandura, here, an outpost has been established by the Hive Born of Quirefang. Fight these vile insects to protect the nearby city of Liberty Bay.

Jungle Camp

World Board: Strange sounds echo through Trapwood as hunters and dworcs fight over the holy grounds and the game that roams there.
Towncryer: Beware of Tiquanda's dworcs, you all! In their voodoo circle, heads will fall! (when the Dworcs dominate) Towncryer: Hunters in the Tiquanda jungle have made camp, behaving like tramps! (when the Hunters dominate)

This MWC is always active, and revolves around the war between Hunters and Dworcs over some holy grounds in Tiquanda, here. One day, you might find Hunters and Poachers roaming here in a Hunter Camp, but on another the Dworcs might be on the winning hand and dominating the grounds in a Dworc Camp.


World Board: Hail to the King! It's Kingsday in Thais, join the celebration!
Towncryer: Hear ye! Hear ye! It is Kingsday, people, let us celebrate and sing! Decorate Thais and let the bells ring! Come to the arena to hear the swords cling. Let us rejoice! Hail to the King!

Kingsday Tibia

Cursing the King

The day is dedicated to celebrating the King. This Mini World Change takes place in Thais, and the following changes take place:


It is possible to loot Party Lampions,Party Wall Tinsels and Party Wall Snakes from raiding creatures.


World Board: Looks like the Queen's own royal trees are being cut down! The lumberjacks responsible shall be put to justice.
Towncryer: Hear ye! Hear ye! North of the Queen's town, the royal trees are cut down. Will you deal with the suspect or report such kind of disrespect?

This Mini World Change happens in the fields between Ab'Dendriel and Carlin.

Sometimes the trees north of Carlin are cut down by the lumberjack Chip. He will buy pieces of wood for 50 gp. The Queen of Carlin will not be very amused about that.

Mention Chip to Queen Eloise to get the achievement Whistle-Blower.

Note: You need to talk to Chip before talking to Queen Eloise, or else she will just reply with How would you know? when you mention him.

Nightmare Isles

World Board: A sandstorm travels through Darama, leading to isles full of deadly creatures inside a nightmare. Avoid the river near Drefia/northernmost coast/Ankhramun tar pits!
Towncryer: Near Drefia's mountains/Near Darashia's coast/In Ankrahmun's desert, a storm has revealed the entry to a nightmare that can't be sealed. Horrible creatures there spell instant death to all young adventurers who dare take a breath!

This MWC is active every day and features a teleporting teleporter which leads to the dreaded Nightmare Isles. The teleporter can be located near the Plague Spike (river near Drefia/Drefia's mountains, here), in northern Devourer (northernmost coast/Darashia's coast, here), or in Kha'labal (Ankrahmun tar pits/Ankrahmun's desert, here). On these isles, fearsome creatures protecting a Nightmare Teddy lurk. Do not access them unprepared.


World Board: Nomads travel the eternal sands of Ankrahmun's desert. There must be a camp somewhere.
Towncryer: Hear ye! Hear ye! Ankrahmun's desert is the nomads' land. Find their camp in the golden sand, and a treasure may be close at hand!

Different Nomads can be found at specific places in Kha'labal. It's not active every day and only one Nomad Camp can be found when it's active. There are 4 different camps (though only 3 have treasures). The treasure can be claimed once per day, meaning that the quest flag for each chest is reset after each server save.

This is what such a camp looks like:
Female Nomad Camp

Open all 3 treasures to get the achievement Chest Robber.

Noodles is Gone

World Board: Not again! Noodles has taken some royal freedom and left the castle, after him in the name of the king!
Towncryer: Hear ye! Hear ye! Noodles is gone, the King in despair! Find the little rascal, look everywhere. Bring him back to get rewarded for your care!

Noodles, who lives in the King's throneroom sometimes disappears. Go to King Tibianus in the Rain Castle and ask him about Noodles. He will then hand you a Dog Collar to bring his dog back. Noodles has a very large walking area that stretches over all of the Thaian peninsula. The quicker you go look for him after server save, the more likely you are to find him. Known places where he spawns at server save are:

Once you've used the dog collar on Noodles, return to the King and request your reward. Note that you cannot repeat this task for 2 weeks — the King will not give you another dog collar and you cannot use another collar on Noodles during this time.


If you are lucky, a Dog LadyDog Lady might appear in the Rain Castle after the next server save. While the Dog Lady is in the castle, you might encounter a Basket of Puppies on the floor of the throne room.

Obtaining reward from King Tibianus, 670 trials.

Tries to get 1
Platinum Coin 5 Platinum Coins 661 98.66% 2
Fan Doll of Queen Eloise Fan Doll of Queen Eloise 9 1.34% 75

Player: hail king
King Tibianus: I greet thee, my loyal subject player.
Player: noodles
King Tibianus: The royal dog has disappeared AGAIN! I bet he's taking a walk somewhere outside of Thais. If you want to help bringing him back, I could hand you one of his leashes.
Player: leashes
King Tibianus: Well, here's a leash. If you see Noodles, just use it on him to help him find his way home.

Turning in task:

Player: hail king
King Tibianus: I greet thee, my loyal subject player.
Player: noodles
King Tibianus: You're one of the loyal citizens who helped bring back the royal dog. You absolutely deserve a reward.
Player: reward
King Tibianus: Take some gold from my treasury. Here you are.

or for Fan Doll of Queen Eloise:

King Tibianus: Indeed, I shall reward you. Uhm... take this little toy. Noodles seems to have found it somewhere.

Oriental Trader

World BoardOriental ships sighted! A trader for exotic creature products may currently be visiting Carlin, Ankrahmun or Liberty Bay.
Towncryer: Hear ye! Hear ye! What a lucky and beautiful day! Visit Carlin, Ankrahmun, or Liberty Bay. Yasir, the oriental trader might be there. Gather your creature products, for this chance is rare.

The merchant Yasir will drop anchor off the harbor of one of these towns: Ankrahmun, Carlin or Liberty Bay. During this time you are able to sell almost all Creature Products to him.

Say ariki or trade to Yasir to get the achievement Si, Ariki!.

River Runs Deep

World Board: The river in Zao Steppe runs deep, there may be more fish than usual!
Towncryer: Hear ye! Hear ye! In Zao Steppe the river runs deep. If you catch a strange fish it is yours to keep.

The dried up river in the Zao Steppe will run. During this time you will have the chance to catch several Sandfish.

When fishing a Sandfish you will earn the achievement Desert Fisher.

Poacher Caves

World Board: Poachers are ravaging the wildlife north of the Green Claw Swamp. But the animals seem to fight back!
Towncryer: Wild animals roam beneath the loam of the Orc Lands. The hunters need some helping hands! (when game dominates)
Towncryer: Poachers roam beneath the loam of the Orc Lands. The animals need vengeful pals! (when Poachers dominate)
Towncryer: Ghostly animals roam beneath the loam of the Orc Lands. Poaching is stunted, hunters are hunted! (when Ghost Wolves dominate)

This MWC is active every day and features a tug of war between Poachers and the game they hunt over some caves located at Ferngrims Gate, here. Due to these struggles, there are three variations possible of these caves: Poacher Caves/Game (when game dominates), Poacher Caves/Poachers (when Poachers dominate), and Poacher Caves/Gloomy (when Ghost Wolves dominate). It all depends on your actions who comes out victorious and dominates the cave for a while.

Spider Nest

World Board: A whole nest of spiders needs to be exterminated as Mamma Longlegs is on the loose.
Towncryer: Hear ye! Hear ye! Mamma Longlegs will not rest while she guards her cosy nest. Exterminate its kin in there to finally get rid of her.

West of Venore some Poison Spiders run around and inside a small nest (here) you can fight Mamma Longlegs. Kill her three times to obtain the achievement Nestling. After having done so, you will not be able to enter the area anymore.

Spirit Grounds

World Board: Adventurers have told of a Spirit Gate in the Daramian mountains. Fight the restless undead! (Darama)
World Board: Adventurers have told of a Spirit Gate in the Ghostlands. Fight the restless undead! (Ghostlands)
World Board: Adventurers have told of a Spirit Gate in Vengoth. Fight the restless undead! (Vengoth)
Towncryer: Hear ye! Hear ye! In Darashia, a gate has opened to the spirit ground, where nightmares, banshees and ghouls abound! (Darama)
Towncryer: Hear ye! Hear ye! In the Ghostlands, a gate has opened to the spirit ground, where nightmares, banshees and ghouls abound! (Ghostlands)
Towncryer: Hear ye! Hear ye! In Vengoth, a gate has opened to the spirit ground, where nightmares, banshees and ghouls abound! (Vengoth)

Every day, one of the portals to the Spirit Grounds will be open. These portals are located near Darashia (here), at the Ghostlands (here) and at Vengoth (here). No objectives for this Mini World Change are known, and neither are any associated achievements. It is simply a place to hunt. The monsters inside the Spirit Grounds vary independently of the portal's location, making it like 2 Mini World Changes in 1.


World Board: Stampede! The Ape God has stirred up Tiquanda's elephants again!
Towncryer: Hear ye! Hear ye! Tiquanda's elephants are terrified, the Ape God's footsteps are a scary sight. So hunt for their tusks while they are filled with fright!

This change happens in the jungle of Tiquanda, south of Banuta, here.

For one day you can find Terrified Elephants, which have a higher chance to drop Elephant Tusks than normal Elephants. The area where they spawn is small and mostly cleared of vegetation. It contains up to 16 Terrified Elephants.

Kill 5 of them to get the achievement Trail of the Ape God.


World Board: Judging by the unnerved mammoths in Svargrond, enough snow has melted away to reveal some very special flora.
Towncryer: Hear ye! Hear ye! Mammoths silently watch as the snow melts away. It reveals special flowers which are not meant to stay. Grow their seeds to brighten up your day!

The glacier north of Svargrond will begin to melt uncovering grass and other plants.

There will be 15 Ice Flowers which have a small chance (~20%) of giving Ice Flower Seeds when used.

After succesfully harvesting 10 of them you will get the achievement Ice Harvester.


World Board: Bibby Bloodbath and her crew are roaming the lands, destroying everything in their path.
Towncryer: Hear ye! Hear ye! Bibby is back with blood as her track! Wreaking havoc on her path, let her feel your wrath!

A small Orc Encampment (a handful of Orc Warriors outside the palisade, and inside two Orc Berserkers, an Orc Leader and three Orc Warlords) can be found north of the Jakundaf Desert (here), north of Carlin (here) or east of the Femor Hills (here). After killing all of the orcs inside the camp, Bibby Bloodbath will spawn. Kill her and you will be rewarded with the achievement Bibby's Bloodbath.


Through some empirical research it became very likely not every Mini World Change has the same chance of occurring. Therefore statistics have been gathered which can be seen below. This is a working project since more statistics need to be added to get accurate data. To gather this data a character needs to check the World Board once every 24 hours, which can be done on multiple worlds. A total varying between zero and eight MWC at the same time have been encountered.

Before Updates/10.8

Mini World Changes, 465 trials.

Tries to get 1
Nomads 371 79.78% 2
Spirit Grounds (Darama) 208 44.73% 3
Warpath 177 38.06% 3
Fury Gates 160 34.41% 3
Down the Drain 149 32.04% 4
Spirit Grounds (Ghostlands) 140 30.11% 4
River Runs Deep 122 26.24% 4
Spirit Grounds (Vengoth) 117 25.16% 4
Thawing 93 20% 5
Fire from the Earth 91 19.57% 6
Oriental Trader 69 14.84% 7
Stampede 57 12.26% 9
Lumberjack 45 9.68% 11
Noodles is Gone 43 9.25% 11
Spider Nest 43 9.25% 11
Bored 40 8.6% 12
Kingsday 11 2.37% 43
Devovorga's Essence 7 1.51% 67

After Updates/10.8

Mini World Changes, 0 trials.

Tries to get 1

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