Mini World Changes were implemented in the Winter Update 2011. Just as World Changes do, they allow for a more dynamic shaping of the Tibian world but unlike them, these cannot be triggered through actions made by Players. These changes happen somewhat rarely and do not come with warnings. They last a few hours. NPC Towncryer tells you about these mini changes, by shouting a message. Since Updates/10.2 it's also possible to check which MWCs are active on the World Board at the Adventurer's Guild.

There are a total of 24 MWCs. At the initial release of Mini World changes with update 9.4, 12 were implemented. With update 9.6 three additional MWCs were introduced. Afterwards one with update 10.1, one with update 10.2 and one with update 10.37. Then, with update 10.8 another 6 MWCs were implemented.

List of Mini World Changes

Name Rec. Level Prem Location Reward
Bank Robbery Mini World Change 25 no Ab'Dendriel (Dwarf Mines), Carlin (Ghostlands), Thais (Ancient Temple) or Venore (Shadowthorn). Achievements Honest Finder and Goldhunter, 10 Platinum Coins.
Bored Mini World Change no Green Claw Swamp Achievements Torn Treasures and Someone's Bored, Ability to obtain a Torn Teddy.
Chakoya Iceberg Mini World Change 15 yes Northern Tiquanda None
Chyllfroest Mini World Change 25 yes Chyllfroest Ability to obtain a Ursagrodon.
Devovorga's Essence Mini World Change yes Vengoth Achievements Slayer of Anmothra, Slayer of Chikhaton, Slayer of Irahsae, Slayer of Phrodomo and Slayer of Teneshpar. Ability to kill Devovorga's incarnations.
Down the Drain Mini World Change 40 no Outlaw Camp/Water Elemental Dungeon (Outlaw Camp) Achievement Down the Drain
Fire from the Earth Mini World Change yes Goroma Achievement Fire from the Earth, stronger creatures inside Hellgore, opportunity to tame a Dragonling.
Fury Gates Mini World Change 140 yes Fury Dungeon
Grimvale Mini World Change yes Grimvale Able to do the Grimvale Quest
Hive Outpost Mini World Change 140 yes Hive Outpost (Vandura) Able to do a part of the Cartography 101 Quest.
Jungle Camp Mini World Change 25 yes Hunter Camp / Dworc Camp (Tiquanda)
Kingsday Mini World Change no Thais Achievement Loyal Subject, Fight against the raids in the Knights Arena.
Lumberjack Mini World Change 15 no Fields of Glory Achievement Whistle-Blower, Ability to sell Wood.
Nightmare Isles Mini World Change 250 yes Nightmare Isles (via Kha'labal or Devourer) Ability to obtain a Nightmare Teddy.
Nomads Mini World Change yes Kha'labal (north of Ankrahmun) Achievement Chest Robber, 10 Ham, 50 Fishes, 3 Small Emeralds, Black Pearl, Small Topaz and Silver Amulet.
Noodles is Gone Mini World Change no Thais and its surroundings Achievement Dog Sitter, 1,000 experience points and 500 gp, Fan Doll of Queen Eloise or a Basket (Puppies).
Oriental Trader Mini World Change 8 yes Ankrahmun, Carlin or Liberty Bay Achievement Si, Ariki!, ability to sell many Creature Products.
Poacher Caves Mini World Change no Poacher Caves (Ferngrims Gate) Hunting various creatures.
River Runs Deep Mini World Change 20 yes Zao Steppe Achievement Desert Fisher, Sandfishes.
Spider Nest Mini World Change 75 no At the Thaian-Venorean Road, close to Venore. Achievements Nestling, ability to kill Mamma Longlegs.
Spirit Grounds Mini World Change yes Spirit Grounds (via Darama, Ghostlands or Vengoth)
Stampede Mini World Change 30 yes Tiquanda Achievement Trail of the Ape God, chance to loot Elephant Tusks.
Thawing Mini World Change 8 yes Svargrond Achievement Ice Harvester, Ice Flower Seeds.
Warpath Mini World Change 60 no Jakundaf Desert, Carlin or Femor Hills Achievement Bibby's Bloodbath, ability to kill Bibby Bloodbath.


Through some empirical research it became very likely not every Mini World Change has the same chance of occurring. Therefore statistics have been gathered which can be seen below. This is a working project since more statistics need to be added to get accurate data. To gather this data a character needs to check the World Board once every 24 hours, which can be done on multiple worlds. A total varying between zero and eight MWC at the same time have been encountered.

Before Updates/10.8

Mini World Changes, 465 trials.

Tries to get 1
Nomads 371 79.78% 2
Spirit Grounds (Darama) 208 44.73% 3
Warpath 177 38.06% 3
Fury Gates 160 34.41% 3
Down the Drain 149 32.04% 4
Spirit Grounds (Ghostlands) 140 30.11% 4
River Runs Deep 122 26.24% 4
Spirit Grounds (Vengoth) 117 25.16% 4
Thawing 93 20% 5
Fire from the Earth 91 19.57% 6
Oriental Trader 69 14.84% 7
Stampede 57 12.26% 9
Lumberjack 45 9.68% 11
Noodles is Gone 43 9.25% 11
Spider Nest 43 9.25% 11
Bored 40 8.6% 12
Kingsday 11 2.37% 43
Devovorga's Essence 7 1.51% 67

After Updates/10.8

Mini World Changes, 0 trials.

Tries to get 1

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