Player: hi
Mehkesh: Be mourned, player, pilgrim in flesh. If you are looking for potions, seek no further.
Player: offer or buy
Mehkesh: I'm selling spirit, health and mana potions. If you'd like to see my offers, ask me for a trade.
Player: trade
Mehkesh: Sure.
Player: name
Mehkesh: I am the mourned Mehkesh.
Player: job
Mehkesh: I am a trader. I sell potions brewed by the foremost alchemists of the land.
Player: time
Mehkesh: Time is but one of the hardships our mortal flesh has to endure.
Player: tibia
Mehkesh: One day our world will be freed from the false gods and accept the guidance of our pharaoh.
Player: ankrahmun
Mehkesh: This city will remain as an eternal testament of our immortal pharaoh's power.
Player: carlin or thais or venore or edron
Mehkesh: Those citys are only pawns of the false gods and their misguided priests.
Player: ab'dendriel or elves
Mehkesh: Elves are foolish and their obsession with life damns them to eternal death.
Player: kazordoon or dwarfs
Mehkesh: The dwarves should know better then to praise the mortal essence of the elements.
Player: darashia
Mehkesh: A city of misguided fools.
Player: darama
Mehkesh: These are the lands of old secrets where the mortals will be shown the true revelations.
Player: scarabs
Mehkesh: The scarabs are more then just enormous insects. They are keepers of ancient secrets.
Player: pharaoh or arkhothep
Mehkesh: The pharaoh alone has achieved godhood. But in his infinite mercy he chose to stay with his people to offer them guidance.
Player: akh'rah uthun
Mehkesh: The Akh'rah Uthun is the union of that which once was separate.
Player: akh
Mehkesh: Our Akh is our mortal flesh until it is replaced with something better - with an undead body.
Player: rah
Mehkesh: The Rah is our essence. The divine part in all of us.
Player: uthun
Mehkesh: The Uthun is the knowledge we gather in the course of time.
Player: undead
Mehkesh: Undeath is the victory over the weaknesses of mortal flesh.
Player: potions
Mehkesh: We offer health, spirit and mana potions in up to four sizes: normal, strong, great and ultimate. Ask me for a trade to see my offers.
Player: bye
Mehkesh: May enlightenment be your path, player.

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