Property Value
Aliases Star Room Quest, Necromancer Quest, Blue Robe Quest, Goshnar Quest
Est. Length
Level 60
(70 recommended)
Classification Quest
Version 7.3
August 11, 2004
Status Active


The chief Necromancers of the Brotherhood of Bones hold a valuable treasure here.


Drefia west of Darashia

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Required equipment


  • Head to Drefia west of Darashia and enter the main dungeon here. It is advised to use the Invisibility spell here due to the overwhelming undead force.

Drefia Main Dungeon Entrance

  • Follow the map above, or just descend to the third floor of the main dungeon.
  • On the third floor, head straight north approximately 18 steps. To your left will be a hole. Open it with a Shovel and go down.

Drefia Medusa Shield Quest Path

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