Player: hi
Maryza: Talking to me?
Player: hi Maryza
Maryza: Welcome to the Jolly Axeman, Player. Have a good time!
Player: job or tavern
Maryza: I'm the cook of the Jolly Axeman.
Player: king
Maryza: Don't like these upper cave guys.
Player: name
Maryza: I am Maryza Firehand, daughter of Earth, from the Molten Rock.
Player: tibia
Maryza: We don't care much about outsiders anymore.
Player: time
Maryza: To busy, ask my husband.
Player: Excalibug
Maryza: Would slice a dragon or two for steaks if i'd get it.
Player: Ferumbras
Maryza: Heard that's what the humans call one of their boggiemen.
Player: Carlin
Maryza: Don't like it, has an elfish touch, ye know?
Player: Thais
Maryza: Puny town for puny guys.
Player: Jimbin
Maryza: I am so proud of him. In drinking, he's second only to our mighty general.
Player: general
Maryza: A fine drinker and strategist. Wastes his skill with these idiots of the army. What a shame.
Player: army
Maryza: We could better feed some dragons instead of these fools.
Player: Tark
Maryza: He loved my dragonsteaks. Heard he died by a cave in while fighting drags in the Plains of Havoc.
Player: food
Maryza: I sell normal and brown bread, meat, ham, cookies, rolls, and cheese made of mushrooms.
Player: poem
Maryza: I only know some drinking poems, and I can't hear them anymore as they are told every evening by some drunkard.
Player: news
Maryza: The boys of the Savage Axe at the bridge are running wild these days.
Player: Bloody Mary
Maryza: YOU &/$#@!
Player: bye
Maryza: Yeah, bye

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