(note: underlined words are spelling mistakes and might be corrected atm by Cipsoft)

Player: hi
Markwin: Oh its you again. What du you want, hornless messenger?
Player: job
Markwin: I am the king of all minotaurs. I have been the king for more than 320 years.
Player: king
Markwin: I am the real king!
Player: Mintwallin
Markwin: The former glorious city lies in the dirt. It is my home. I founded it about 180 years ago, when we found this lovely place.
Player: place
Markwin: Na! You will have to find it yourself!
Player: prisoner
Markwin: He is totally mad. I don't know how he could find the way through the labyrinth. I arrested him in the prison.
Player: human
Markwin: I hate them all. Minotaurs have no own spelling, so I used the speech of the humans. Once I was a prisoner of them. Since then I hate them - and since then I can speak and write in their language.
Player: time
Markwin: Don't ask me such stupid questions. My time is over right now.
Player: Palkar
Markwin: He is the leader of the outcast. In former times he was my best warrior, but now he is my worst enemy.
Player: secret laboratory
Markwin: Hehe - you will never find a way to enter it. The outcast stole the key. You are too weak to conquer it. HARHARHAR.
Player: outcasts
Markwin: Those are no minos any longer. They left the city and killed their brothers. And they stole the key to my secret lab.
Player: key
Markwin: There are many keys. The outcast stole the key to our secret lab! They should burn!
Player: enter
Markwin: To enter the laboratory is pretty difficult.
Player: enter the laboratory
Markwin: First of all you will need a second fellow to help you.
Player: second fellow
Markwin: Yeah - he has to step on a special tile and an entrance will appear at a very poisenous place!
Player: second
Markwin: After you entered the first area you will need the key from the outcasts.
Player: poisonous place
Markwin: Na! You will have to find it yourself!
Player: bye
Markwin: Hm ... good bye.

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