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October 25
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This Month's Event

Pink Balloon
None Pumpkinhead

This month, October, there are 2 events: the Annual Autumn Vintage and Halloween. The Annual Autumn Vintage starts on October 1st and will last till October 8th, then again from October 17th till October 24th. On October 31st it will be Halloween time (special raids: The Mutated Pumpkin in Mainland, and The Halloween Hare in Mainland and Rookgaard). Don't miss your chance to fight The Mutated Pumpkin or to let The Halloween Hare give you a spooky outfit. Only 6 days left for Halloween.

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None Bunch of Winterberries

News From the TibiaWiki Staff

Golden Newspaper
New area Oramond has been added to the Mapper. To browse the area click here.
Update 10.5, the Summer Update 2014, has been released. See the update page for what's new.
Do you use your old Tibia account number? If so, read this post on why you received a free name change and consider changing it.
We have added spoilers to the bottom of quest overview pages (e.g., Roshamuul Quest). It is expected to be more convenient than loading two pages to find the spoiler.
Head to TibiaWiki:Projects to see what we're currently working on.
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This Week's Featured NPC

Zoltan Zoltan (Spell Instructor)
Location: Edron, Ivory Towers (two floors up here).
Notes: Zoltan sells high level spells for all vocations. He used to sell Poison Storm and Ultimate Explosion before the winter update 2007.

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Spoiler warning: Quest and/or game spoiling details follow. (Settings: hidden content)

He gives you permission to enter Ferumbras' Citadel on Kharos for 500 gp, he'll give you it only if you have already reached the Ferumbras' Citadel entrance. He can also give you the Mage/Summoner Hat addon if you give him Ferumbras' Hat.

Spoiler ends here.

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This Week's Featured Item

Ferumbras' Hat   Ferumbras' Hat (Clothing Accessories)
It is the proof that Ferumbras has fallen. For now. The Edron Academy should be interested in this.
Attributes: Arm: 1
Weight: 8.50 oz.
Dropped By: Ferumbras.
Notes: Arguably the most expensive item that is still obtainable.

Its price went very high due to problems in boss spawning, but after the revised raid system (Summer 2013), value is slowly decreasing.

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Spoiler warning: Quest and/or game spoiling details follow. (Settings: hidden content)
Needed for an addon of the male Mage Outfits and female Summoner Outfits.
Spoiler ends here.
Featured Items

This Week's Featured Creature

Ferumbras Ferumbras
(50000 Hit Points, 12000 Experience)
Location: His citadel on Kharos. You must ask for a permission to Zoltan to access the citadel.
Abilities: Melee, Invisibility, Mana Drain (500-700 mana per turn), Summons 0-4 Demons, Great Exori (600-900), Great Life Drain Beam (300-500), Great Smokebomb (450+), Poison (starting from 21), Poison Explosion (300-500, poisoning), Life Drain Hit (900+), Energy Explosion (300-950, energize), Fireball (Soulfire), Self Healing.
Immune to: Energy, Earth, Life Drain, Paralysis, Invisibility.
Strong against: Holy (-20%), Fire (-90%)
Weak against:
Field Notes: Ferumbras was removed from society and banished to his citadel by the mages at the Edron academy. He has a massive arsenal of spells to torture and heal.

Ferumbras was an evil sorcerer who once instilled fear into the heart of Thaians many years ago. Summoning demons and warlocks, he attacked Thais twice during the span of his life.
After his second attack, he was finally killed and most assumed him to be gone for good. But his wrath was brought down when he returned some time later and found his daughter, Fortinbrae, had been killed and her soul trapped by the brave knights who had slain her, in the Plains of Havoc temple. Ferumbras traveled there to recapture his daughter's soul, but he was defeated again and disappeared. There are many rumors about his current whereabouts.

After he was slain, he produced several oddly-charged runes, including a Sudden Death rune with 0 charges and a Poison Bomb rune with over 30 charges.

There are 2 Magic Pillars at his room, which can summon up to 3 Demons each.

Ferumbras was first sighted on Eternia on August 21th 2006, but a bug prevented players from reaching him. He appeared there again after two weeks when the bug had been fixed.

He was first killed on Antica on October 13th 2006.

Before he appears, three messages are broadcast in white text to all players on that world:
"The seals on Ferumbras old cidatel are glowing. Prepare for HIS return mortals."
"Ferumbras return is at hand. The Edron Academy calls for Heroes to fight that evil."
"Ferumbras has returned to his citadel once more. Stop him before its too late."

What people have to say about Ferumbras
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Tip of the Month

Transferring your hotkeys to Hotkey Preset system

In 10.55 patch Hotkey Presets function was introduced in Stand-Alone Client allowing players to switch hotkey sets in-game. This guide will help you to move all your hotkeys without the need to type them in manually.

  • If you were using just one config file, it will be transferred automaticly as “Default” preset when you update your client. You dont have to do anything more.
  • If you were using multiple hotkey sets, as described in this Tip and this Tip, only currently used (active) one will be transferred (only Tibia.cfg file will be updated, not your alternate config files). To merge all config files in the new updated Tibia.cfg, follow the instructions below.

1. Locate Tibia settings folder (type %appdata%/tibia/ in Explorer adress bar; Note: this folder also contains your tibia maps). You may want to make a backup of Tibia.cfg file (copy if for example to your desktop), because if you make a mistake, all settings, including hotkeys, graphics, chat options will reset!
2. Open Tibia.cfg (orginal, not the backup one) with Notepad (rightclick → open with → notepad).
3. Open your first alternate hotkey set file, let's say it's named knight.cfg, with Notepad.
4. As you can see, comparing both files, the new config file (Tibia.cfg) have hotkeys stored in this way:

HotkeyPreset = ("Default",0,"exura\n",0,0,0)

while your older, pre-update config files (in this case your alternate config files with hotkey sets for different vocations/characetrs, i.e. knight.cfg) have hotkeys stored in this way:

Hotkey = (0,"exura\n",0,0,0)

5. In your knight.cfg file, remove all the lines except the ones starting with Hotkey = (so around 17 lines from the top and around 40 lines from the bottom of the file.
6. Now use the Replace function in Notepad. Press Ctrl+H and Replace dialog box will appear. In the first line (Find:) write

Hotkey = (

and in the second line (Replace to:) write

HotkeyPreset = ("knight",

then click Replace all. This operation should change beginning of every line to HotkeyPreset = ("knight"..... .
7. If the replacing was done correctly, now select all the lines (Ctrl+A) and copy them, then switch to Notepad window with Tibia.cfg opened, and paste the text before or after the existing lines starting with HotkeyPreset. Make sure not to remove anything by mistake, that every command starts with new line and that there are no empty lines in Tibia.cfg file.
8. Save the Tibia.cfg file and run Tibia. Click Options → Hotkeys. If you did everything right, new hotkey preset named knight should appear under the Default preset. You can rename it by doubleclicking it. Note: If you rename hotkey preset to your character's name and enable Auto-Switch Hotkey Preset checkbox in Options → General options, that hotkey set will activate itself upon logging in that character.
9. If however it's not working, close the Notepad window with Tibia.cfg, copy your earlier created backup file from desktop to Tibia folder and repeat steps 2 - 8 again.
10. Close without saving (for backup purposes) Notepad window with your alternate config file knight.cfg, and open next one (for example druid.cfg). Repeat the steps 5 - 8 for all your alternate config files. Remember to change HotkeyPreset = ("knight", to HotkeyPreset = ("druid", etc. when replacing, as there can't be two hotkey presets with the same name.

Enjoy your new old hotkey sets.
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About TibiaWiki

TibiaWiki is a Wiki project which was started by Erig on November 22, 2004. It has since become one of the largest and most often updated sources of Tibian information on the internet, reaching up to more than 1,900,000 visits a month from which more than 450,000 are absolutely unique (as of 2010, ranking second among all supported/promoted fansites). It is also the most favourite fansite as of this poll. Of course, its popularity is only because of the dedicated people that contribute.

When became a Supported Fansite on November 24, 2005, TibiaWiki, being part of that site, became a supported fansite too. However TibiaWiki had an immense slowness during peak times under the old domain because of its popularity among Tibia players. The new domain hosted by Wikia provides a better availability of this well-liked fansite, which has been supported since January 22, 2008. With the introduction of the new fansite programme, TibiaWiki became a promoted fansite, on November 11, 2008.

Almost all images on this site are from the game Tibia. Please note that the only official website is The game Tibia and the website are copyrighted by CipSoft GmbH.

See also: TibiaWiki/History

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