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November 1
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This Month's Event

Pink Balloon
None Magical Torch

This month, November, there is 1 event: the Lightbearer Event from November 11th to November 15th (special raid: Essences of Darkness or Spirits of Light). Prevent darkness to fall over Tibia and help Lucius in the Temple of Light to keep 10 Lightbringer's Basins lit for 4 days (96 hours). Tibia will be in serious danger if you fail. If you, however, will succeed: glory and fame will accompany you forever. Only 10 days left for the Lightbearer Event.

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None Midnight Shard

News From the TibiaWiki Staff

Golden Newspaper
New area Oramond has been added to the Mapper. To browse the area click here.
Update 10.5, the Summer Update 2014, has been released. See the update page for what's new.
Do you use your old Tibia account number? If so, read this post on why you received a free name change and consider changing it.
We have added spoilers to the bottom of quest overview pages (e.g., Roshamuul Quest). It is expected to be more convenient than loading two pages to find the spoiler.
Head to TibiaWiki:Projects to see what we're currently working on.
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This Week's Featured NPC

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Featured NPCs

This Week's Featured Item

Yummy Gummy Worm   Yummy Gummy Worm (Food)
Attributes: Stackable
Weight: 0.20 oz.
Dropped By: The Mutated Pumpkin.
Notes: You can skin The Mutated Pumpkin's corpse in order to get them. Before the 10.21 update they looked like normal Worms.

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Featured Items

This Week's Featured Creature

The Mutated Pumpkin The Mutated Pumpkin
(550000 Hit Points, 30000~ Experience)
Location: Spawns west of Darashia around here or here or here during Halloween.
Abilities: Melee 0-288+, Mana Drain Wave 0-12, Giant Star Bomb (Makes you heavily drunk), Changes appearance into a Druid, Pumpkin Mutation turns you into a giant mutated pumpkin, Linear Terra Wave turns people into pumpkins, Confetti Wave gives you haste, Poison Wave causes 15 death damage, Music Wave no effect, Mana Drain 125+, Self-Healing 2000-2900.
Immune to: ?
Strong against:
Weak against:
Field Notes: It spawns every 4 hours starting immediately after Server Save on Halloween. As of 2013 it uses the new looting system implemented in 10.2; every participant will receive 5 Pumpkins and 10 Yummy Gummy Worms, while the rares will be awarded to players with high participation points among the fighters.

Once the Mutated Pumpkin has been slain, a portal east of Darashia opens for 30 minutes (here), where all fighters can skin the corpse for the achievement Mutated Presents, and one of the following:
Spiderwebs Spiderwebs
Toy Spider Toy Spider
Bat Decoration Bat Decoration
Skeleton Decoration Skeleton Decoration
Yummy Gummy Worm 20 Yummy Gummy Worms
Surprise Bag (Red) Surprise Bag (Red)
Surprise Bag (Blue) Surprise Bag (Blue)
Bar of Chocolate Bar of Chocolate
Pumpkinhead Pumpkinhead
Pumpkin Pumpkin
Candy Cane 50 Candy Canes
Candy 50 Candies

The exiting portal will take the player to Darashia Temple.

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Featured Creatures

Tip of the Month

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About TibiaWiki

TibiaWiki is a Wiki project which was started by Erig on November 22, 2004. It has since become one of the largest and most often updated sources of Tibian information on the internet, reaching up to more than 1,900,000 visits a month from which more than 450,000 are absolutely unique (as of 2010, ranking second among all supported/promoted fansites). It is also the most favourite fansite as of this poll. Of course, its popularity is only because of the dedicated people that contribute.

When became a Supported Fansite on November 24, 2005, TibiaWiki, being part of that site, became a supported fansite too. However TibiaWiki had an immense slowness during peak times under the old domain because of its popularity among Tibia players. The new domain hosted by Wikia provides a better availability of this well-liked fansite, which has been supported since January 22, 2008. With the introduction of the new fansite programme, TibiaWiki became a promoted fansite, on November 11, 2008.

Almost all images on this site are from the game Tibia. Please note that the only official website is The game Tibia and the website are copyrighted by CipSoft GmbH.

See also: TibiaWiki/History

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Today is Saturday, so you will currently find Rashid in Edron. If it is not Saturday (UTC -9 (standard time)), click here to purge the cache.

This Week's Featured Poll

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