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Magma Amulet
Magma Monocle
Magma Coat
Magma Legs
Magma Boots

The Magma Set consists of all Items that give protection against Fire Damage. Wearing this full Set will give you 23% Fire protection, but increase damage taken by Ice by 24%.
Note that Dragon Necklace is not actually part of Magma Set, but provides 8% protection against fire for 200 charges, so with it set gives total 31% protection against Fire. With Magma Set, Dragon Necklace and Might Ring you have 51% protection against Fire.

Dragon Robe
Sorcerers may replace the Magma Coat with a Dragon Robe, getting a total of 27% fire protection and -28% ice protection.

Royal Scale Robe
Sorcerers and Druids can replace the Magma Coat with a Royal Scale Robe, getting a total of 20% fire protection, -16% ice protection and a +2 Magic Level boost.
ItemAttributesDropped byLevel
Magma Amulet[1]fire +20%, ice -10%Hellhound, Lava Golem, Magma Crawler, Massive Fire Elemental, Vulcongra, Bibby Bloodbath, Kerberos.60
Magma Monoclefire +4%, ice -5%Diabolic Imp, Efreet, Fahim the Wise, Hellhound, Marid, Merikh the Slaughterer.
Magma Coatfire +8%, ice -8%Diabolic Imp, Hellfire Fighter, Hellhound, Lava Golem, Shaburak Lord, Shaburak Prince, Vulcongra, Weeper, Fire Overlord, Furyosa, Morgaroth, The Imperor.50
Magma Legsfire +6%, ice -6%Hellfire Fighter, Hellhound, Massive Fire Elemental, Shaburak Demon, Weeper, Ferumbras, Furyosa, Hellgorak.40
Magma Bootsfire +5%, ice -5%Dragon Lord Hatchling, Hellhound, Infernalist, Lava Golem, Magma Crawler, Massive Fire Elemental, Orc Warlord, Warlord Ruzad.35
Also of interest
Dragon Necklace[1]fire +8%Acolyte of the Cult, Hunter, Yakchal, Zushuka.
Dragon Robefire +12%, ice -12%Draptor, Morgaroth.75
Zaoan Robefire +10%, ice -10%Draken Spellweaver, Flamecaller Zazrak, Lizard Dragon Priest.60
Royal Scale Robefire +5%None.100
Might Ring[1]physical +20%, fire +20%, earth +20%, energy +20%, ice +20%, holy +20%, death +20%.Ashmunrah, Demon, Demon Outcast, Diamond Servant, Ghazbaran, Golgordan, Hero, Latrivan, Morgaroth, Orshabaal, Roaring Lion, Sight of Surrender, Ushuriel, Worker Golem, Yielothax, Zarabustor.
  1. ^ 1.0 1.1 1.2 Magma Amulet, Dragon Necklace, and Might Ring have limited charges.

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