Magic Shopkeepers can sell you all types of magical items, like Blank Runes, Wands and Rods, Spellbooks, Potions, and so on.

Name Job Buy/Sell Location
Agostina Agostina Assistant
Magic Shopkeeper
The Ankrahmun Monster Arena; access via Mystic Flame south of depot.
Alaistar Alaistar Magic Shopkeeper Potion Store, in the north-west of Upper Rathleton
Alberto Alberto Assistant
Magic Shopkeeper
The Kazordoon Monster Arena; access via Mystic Flame by north gate in The Market, here.
Alexander Alexander Magic Shopkeeper Edron, Ivory Towers (four floors above ground level in the west tower).
Asima Asima Magic Shopkeeper
In the Darashia castle
Chuckles Chuckles Magic Shopkeeper Inner City in Yalahar second floor in the tower north of the depot.
Emilio Emilio Assistant
Magic Shopkeeper
The Edron Monster Arena; access via Mystic Flame by north gate in Castle Flats.
Fabiana Fabiana Assistant
Magic Shopkeeper
The Rathleton Monster Arena; access via Mystic Flame by temple in Rathleton Shops.
Fenech Fenech Magic Shopkeeper In Ankrahmun, north of the Depot, up two levels.
Frans Frans Magic Shopkeeper Venore magic shop, east of the depot and temple
Frederik Frederik Assistant
Magic Shopkeeper
North-eastern Liberty Bay, north of the depot.
Ghorza Ghorza Shaman
Magic Shopkeeper
Krailos Village.
Gnomegica Gnomegica Magic Shopkeeper Gnomegate, south-east area
Hamish Hamish Magic Shopkeeper Dawnport, Adventurer's Outpost.
Hyacinth Hyacinth Magic Shopkeeper Rookgaard, atop the mountain to the northeast of the city
Lorenzo Lorenzo Assistant
Magic Shopkeeper
The Thais Monster Arena; access via Mystic Flame by depot on Main Street.
Mehkesh Mehkesh Magic Shopkeeper In Ankrahmun, north of the Depot, up two levels.
Mordecai Mordecai Magic Shopkeeper Upper Rathleton
Nelly Nelly Postman
Magic Shopkeeper
Eastern Svargrond, between depot and boat
Rabaz Rabaz Magic Shopkeeper
Farmine, north-west of the steamship
Rachel Rachel Magic Shopkeeper Carlin Magic Shop, on Magician's Alley and Harbour Lane
Rock In A Hard Place Rock In A Hard Place Guard
Weapon Shopkeeper
Armor Shopkeeper
Magic Shopkeeper
Central Gray Beach, on a mountain
Romir Romir Sorcerer
Sorcerer Guild Leader
Magic Shopkeeper
North of Svargrond, north-west of the Magic Carpet in a hut
Shiriel Shiriel Magic Shopkeeper First floor above ground north and west of Depot in Treetop
Sigurd Sigurd Magic Shopkeeper Kazordoon, three floors above depot.
Tandros Tandros Magic Shopkeeper Central part of northern Port Hope, second floor above Port Hope Depot.
Topsy Topsy Magic Shopkeeper Thais north-east shop on Mill Avenue.
Xodet Xodet Magic Shopkeeper Main Street at Thais magic shop.

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