Lord'Paulistinha (or LP) was an elite knight on the gameworld Elera, the one who, at level 467, was the highest leveled character on Tibia before his deletion circa January 2010. Like many other high leveled players, he was accused of botting and account sharing. He was married to Suelizinha.
He was banished on Nov 06 of 2009 because of account trading. [1]
Lord'Paulistinha was deleted on Jan 26 2010 as the result of his second banishment from Jan 18 2010, which was imposed by CipSoft.


  • Lord'Paulistinha was the first to reach level 348 to 467.
  • He was the first knight to reach magic level 11.
  • He was the first level 300 to be killed in PvP combat.
  • He was the first level 400 to die.
  • He was also the first character to reach one billion (109, not long scale billion) experience points, causing the highscores of to "break".
  • He was also the first to be deleted while being the highest leveled character.


In the past a screenshot has come up on a forum which raised the suspicion, showing his top level along with an illegal software's experience stamp on the top of the Tibia client. He had 15 insomniacs entries on

Lord P proof


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