Player: hi
Lily: Welcome, Player.
Player: help
Lily: I can sell you an antidote rune. It's against the poison of so many dangerous creatures.
Player: creatures or monsters or poison
Lily: Many monsters are poisonous. Don't let them bite you or you will need one of my antidote runes.
Player: job
Lily: I am a druid, bound to the spirit of nature. I'm selling antidote runes that help against poison. Oh, and I buy blueberries, of course.
Player: name
Lily: My name is Lily.
Player: time
Lily: It is about 10:19 am.
Player: Hyacinth
Lily: Hyacinth lives in the forest. He's never in town so I don't know him very well.
Player: bye
Lily: Take care.
Player: hi
Lily: Welcome, Player.
Lily: Take care.

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