Life Drain is similar to other Magical Damage, in that it cannot be blocked, and is not reduced by your armor, but is unique since it cannot be used by players, only creatures. It is the same as Mana Drain, except it takes your hitpoints instead of mana.


List of creatures that can use Life Drain:

Ghostly ApparitionGhostly Apparition----
  • This creature drops no loot.
Novice of the CultNovice of the Cult100285
Quara ConstrictorQuara Constrictor250450
Undead MinionUndead Minion550850
Quara HydromancerQuara Hydromancer8001100
Bog RaiderBog Raider8001300
Lost SoulLost Soul40005800
Undead DragonUndead Dragon72008350

Other Life Drains

  • Life Drain Hit (This attack is only used if you are next to the monster it may look like a death hit or other element but you know is life drain if you see red sparkles.
  • Small Life Drain Wave (This attack similar to Energy Wave but with SD hits, however it does life drain damage.)
  • Life Drain Berserk (Displays red sparkles around the creature in a radius similar to the Berserk spell.)
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Creature Spells

Life Drain Protection

The following equipment reduces damage taken from Life Drain:


There are no Helmets protecting against Life Drain.


There are no Armors protecting against Life Drain.


There are no Legs protecting against Life Drain.


There are no Boots protecting against Life Drain.


There are no Shields protecting against Life Drain.


There are no Rings protecting against Life Drain.

Amulets and Necklaces

Name Arm Weight Attributes Resist Charges Required Level Required Vocation Dropped By
Garlic Necklace Garlic Necklace 3.80 life drain +20% 150
Necklace of the Deep Necklace of the Deep 5.00 life drain +50% 50 120

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