Lich Hell

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Lich Lich Hell
Near City: Liberty Bay
Vocation(s): All vocations.
Level & Skills' Requirements
Knights: 90 Attk: 85 :Shield
Paladins: 90 Dist: 85 :Shield/Arm
Mages: 90 ML: :Arm/Set
Profit Hourly





Notable Loot
Maxilla Maximus Mini Mummy Boots of Haste Vampire Shield Noble Axe
Maps and Pictures
Lich Hell map

Lich Hell is the coined term for a floor of the Ramoa dungeon. It is haunted by the usual Undead of Ramoa (such as Demon Skeletons, Bonebeasts, etc), as well as Priestesses, Necromancers and of course, Liches. From time to time you may also find Undead Cavebears.

How to get there

To reach Lich Hell it's recommended that you finished the Ramoa part of the The Shattered Isles Quest. Once you've done so you will be able to use the teleporter from Goroma. Once you've entered the teleporter follow these maps.


If you intend to go here to hunt as a knight, think again. Every creature in this hellhole summons minions and will kite you till worlds end. When you get surrounded, which you will, you won't be able to use spells as you will have 10x priestesses mana draining you.



You have entered at the red circle. Walk towards the blue circle.


You have entered at the red circle. Walk towards the blue circle. Use a Pick on the dirt around the blue circle to open the hole to Lich Hell.

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The long (optional) part of The Shattered Isles Quest takes you here to find a book, which gives clues to get to the next isle.
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Lich hell Creatures

Name   Exp HP sum/con Loot
Ghost Ghost 120 150 --/-- Shadow Herb, Morning Star, Cape, Combat Knife, White Piece of Cloth (rare), Ghostly Tissue (rare), Book (Orange) (rare), Ancient Shield (rare), Stealth Ring (very rare).
Mummy Mummy 150 240 --/-- 0-80 gp, Flask of Embalming Fluid, Gauze Bandage, Magic Light Wand, Strange Talisman, 0-3 Worms, Silver Brooch (semi-rare), Black Pearl (rare), Crystal Ring (rare), Yellow Piece of Cloth (rare), Black Shield (very rare), Poison Dagger (very rare), Silver Amulet (very rare), Mini Mummy (extremely rare).
Demon Skeleton Demon Skeleton 240 400 620/620 0-75 gp, Demonic Skeletal Hand, 0-3 Throwing Stars, 0-2 Health Potions (semi-rare), Torch, Mana Potion, Battle Shield (semi-rare), Iron Helmet (semi-rare), Battle Hammer (semi-rare), Black Pearl (semi-rare), Small Ruby (rare), Mysterious Fetish (rare), Mind Stone (very rare), Guardian Shield (extremely rare)
Vampire Vampire 305 475 --/-- 0-60 gp, Vampire Teeth, Blood Preservation, Grave Flower (rare), Black Pearl (rare), Strong Health Potion (rare), Katana (rare), Skull (rare), Spike Sword (rare), Strange Helmet (rare), Ice Rapier (very rare), Vampire Shield (very rare), Bronze Amulet (very rare), Emerald Bangle (extremely rare).
Priestess Priestess 420 390 --/-- Black Hood, Dark Rosary, Goat Grass, Powder Herb, 0-2 Red Apples, Sling Herb, Wood Mushroom (semi-rare), Clerical Mace (rare), Crystal Ball (rare), Crystal Necklace (rare), Cultish Robe (rare), Hailstorm Rod (rare), Mana Potion (rare), Book (Orange) (rare), Talon (rare), Wooden Flute (rare), Black Shield (very rare), Piggy Bank (extremely rare).
Bonebeast Bonebeast 580 515 --/-- 0-90 gp, Bone, Skull, Bony Tail, Plate Armor, Bone Club (semi-rare), Bone Shield (semi-rare), Green Mushroom (rare), Hardened Bone (rare), Health Potion (rare), Bonebeast Trophy (very rare).
Necromancer Necromancer 580 580 --/-- 0-90 gp, 0-5 Poison Arrows, Book of Necromantic Rituals, Green Mushroom (rare), Necromantic Robe (rare), Mystic Turban (very rare), Clerical Mace (very rare), Strong Mana Potion (very rare), Boots of Haste (very rare), Skull Staff (very rare), Spellbook of Warding (very rare), Noble Axe (extremely rare).
Undead Cavebear Undead Cavebear 600 450 --/-- 0-84 gp, Maxilla, Health Potion (semi-rare), Cavebear Skull (rare).
Lich Lich 900 880 --/-- 0-137 gp, Platinum Coin, Spellbook, 0-3 Black Pearls, Strong Mana Potion, White Pearl (semi-rare), Ancient Shield (semi-rare), 0-3 Small Topazes (semi-rare), 0-3 Small Emeralds (rare), Ring of Healing (rare), Mind Stone (rare), Strange Helmet (rare), Skull Staff (rare), Lightning Boots (very rare), Staff (very rare), Yellow Gem (very rare), Castle Shield (very rare), Platinum Amulet (very rare), Blue Robe (extremely rare), Maxilla Maximus (extremely rare).

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