Lich Hell is the coined term for a floor of the Ramoa dungeon. It is haunted by the usual Undead of Ramoa (such as Demon Skeletons, Bonebeasts, etc.), as well as Priestesses, Necromancers and of course, Liches. From time to time you may also find Undead Cavebears.

How to get there

To reach Lich Hell it's recommended that you finished the Ramoa part of the The Shattered Isles Quest. Once you've done so you will be able to use the teleporter from Goroma. Once you've entered the teleporter follow these maps.


If you intend to hunt here with a lower level knight, take care. It is usually not worth the effort since the creatures summon a lot of minions and several priestesses might annoy you with mana drain. There are also a few ghost spawns so remember to get an elemental weapon or some spell runes if you really want to hunt in Lich Hell.



You have entered at the red circle. Walk towards the blue circle.


You have entered at the red circle. Walk towards the blue circle. Use a Pick on the dirt around the blue circle to open the hole to Lich Hell.

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The long (optional) part of The Shattered Isles Quest takes you here to find a book, which gives clues to get to the next isle.
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Lich hell Creatures
Demon SkeletonDemon Skeleton240400
Undead CavebearUndead Cavebear600450

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