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Liberty Bay is the largest human settlement on the island of Vandura in the Shattered Isles and is located here. When it was first founded by Pirates, they gave it the name Summerhaven. When Thais took over, however, it was renamed to Liberty Bay and has since then become a dichotomy of economic status. The Thaian representatives and their assistants reside in the mansions to the north, while most of the residents are left in the poverty of the slums to the south. The city is ruled by Governor Percy Silverhand, who was ordered to do so by King Tibianus.

Most of the native residents of Liberty Bay make their living by working on the Sugar Cane plantations in the western part of the isle, harvesting sugar cane, and making Rum. The soil there is very fertile, probably due to the humus produced by the large population of worms under the plantations.

In a secret cave north of the city, you can see a Demon trapped in what seems to be the cellar of Chantalle's Jewelry Shop.

The whole island is a part of the Kingdom of Thais.


Liberty Bay NPCs (38 NPCs)
Admiral WyrmslicerAdmiral WyrmslicerOfficerLiberty Bay Fort
BereniceBereniceLocal Representative of the Explorer SocietyIn the eastern part of Liberty Bay, north east from the depot.
BertramBertramServantNorth-east in Liberty Bay
BradenBradenSugar Cane HarvesterNorthern part of Vandura, north of Liberty Bay.
BradfordBradfordArtistLiberty Bay, west of depot, at the tavern.
CameronCameronSugar Cane HarvesterSouth-western Vandura, west of Liberty Bay.
Captain MaxCaptain MaxShip CaptainLiberty Bay on one of the eastern Boats at the dock (here), and on a boat above Calassa (here).
Captain WaveriderCaptain WaveriderFerrymanLiberty Bay (here), Treasure Island (here) and Treasure Hunt Island (here)
CedrikCedrikShopkeeperIn Liberty Bay, north of tavern, west of temple.
ChantalleChantalleJewelry ShopkeeperLiberty Bay, north-east of depot.
CharlottaCharlottaDruidSouth-west in Liberty Bay.
DougDougSugar Cane HarvesterWestern part of Vandura, west of Liberty Bay.
EleonoreEleonoreUnknown OccupationCentral Liberty Bay, up in the Silverhand Manor.
EvanEvanShopkeeperSouth-west in Liberty Bay.
FergusFergusSugar Cane HarvesterWest of Liberty Bay
FrederikFrederikAssistantNorth-eastern Liberty Bay, north of the depot.
GordonGordonSugar Cane HarvesterWestern Vandura, west of Liberty Bay.
Guide DavinaGuide DavinaInformerSouthern Liberty Bay, on the docks.
HamiltonHamiltonSugar Cane HarvesterWestern Vandura, west of Liberty Bay.
HerbertHerbertPostmanLiberty Bay depot
IrvinIrvinSugar Cane HarvesterNorth-western Vandura, north-west of Liberty Bay.
IsoldeIsoldeOfficerLiberty Bay Fort, second floor
Jack FateJack FateShip CaptainOn his ship at the Liberty Bay docks and eastern Goroma (here).
JefreyJefreyBankerLiberty Bay depot
LyonelLyonelBarkeeperCentral Liberty Bay, west of depot, at the tavern.
MalungaMalungaSorcererLiberty Bay, 2 floors above Frederik.
MarcusMarcusGuardSouth of Liberty Bay, on the harbour.
NorrisNorrisSugar Cane HarvesterNorth-western Vandura, north-west of Liberty Bay.
ParlanParlanSugar Cane HarvesterWestern Vandura, west of Liberty Bay.
PeggyPeggyFurniture ShopkeeperCentral Liberty Bay, north-west of depot, north of Cedrik.
Percy SilverhandPercy SilverhandRepresentativeCentral Liberty Bay, in Silverhand Manor.
Red LillyRed LillyEquipment ShopkeeperCentral Liberty Bay, west of Cedrik.
RossRossSugar Cane HarvesterNorth-western Vandura, north-west of Liberty Bay.
TorenceTorenceSugar Cane HarvesterSouth-western Vandura, south-west of Liberty Bay.
Theodore LovelessTheodore LovelessRepresentativeNorth-eastern Liberty Bay, above Chantalle.
TristanTristanOfficerLiberty Bay Fort, fourth floor
TyriasTyriasClericLiberty Bay Temple, north-west of the Depot.


Butterfly (Blue)Butterfly (Blue)02
  • This creature drops no loot.
Butterfly (Purple)Butterfly (Purple)02
  • This creature drops no loot.
Butterfly (Red)Butterfly (Red)02
  • This creature drops no loot.
  • This creature drops no loot.
  • This creature drops no loot.
  • This creature drops no loot.
Poison SpiderPoison Spider2226
Carrion WormCarrion Worm70145
Novice of the CultNovice of the Cult100285
Dark MonkDark Monk145190
Elder BonelordElder Bonelord280500
Acolyte of the CultAcolyte of the Cult300390
Adept of the CultAdept of the Cult400430


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