Lag is a word used to describe latency in a network or internet connection. In tibia, the effects of lag can be anything from you character appearing to walk slower than usual, to your character or creatures "jumping" to different places on the screen, to the Tibia Client appearing to freeze up entirely.

Many people die as a result of lag while they are in the presence of stronger creatures. Sometimes players will even die from easy creatures if the lag lasts long enough.

The causes of lag widely vary from one situation to the next. The likely culprits of lag are:

  • The Tibia game server does not have enough available resources
  • The computer you are using does not have enough available resources
  • Your internet connection is not fast enough to handle the information sent to and from the Tibia game server.
  • Your internet bandwidth is being used by another program
  • Any other reason that the connection between your computer and the Tibia game server may be compromised.

Few things I recommend to do in case you are suffering from heavy lags:

1) Set your keyboard delay to shortest (Control Panel -> Keyboard -> Set both sliders to Short)

2) It would be wise to play in a server closer to your physical location (e.g. players from UK should play in a German server)

3) Go to start -> run -> cmd then type in netstat -n this should show you all the addresses you are connected to (tibia should appear with the ending of :7171). Make sure all the connections are qualified and that there is no disturbing activity. Make sure heavy connection users are not running such as: Anti-Virus update, Windows Update, P2P might also slow you down (UTorrent, eMule etc.)

4) If you came this far there are two possible options:

  • The line is broken (refers only to cable users): contact your cable provider and ask him to verify the line is clean, you might also want to ask if there is any current overload in your location.
  • Your ISP is limiting your connection, in which case you can't do much, best way to resolve this is to turn off your modem and router (if you have one) for 30 min, then turn on the modem and the router, but don't use the connection for another 15 min. Try playing tibia now, it should work fine.

Notice: All that is written here is a recommendation of steps I found useful solving lags. I do not hold any responsibility for damage which might be caused.