Player: hi
Kroox: Welcome to Kroox Quality Armor, Player!
Player: job
Kroox: I sell best armor in land. My armor save you life. Better buy much.
Player: armor
Kroox: I sell chain armor, brass armor, and plate armor. What you need?
Player: name
Kroox: My name is Kroox Shieldbearer, son of Earth, from the Molten Rock.
Player: offer
Kroox: I offer armor, helmets, legs, and shields.
Player: time
Kroox: It's 10:47 am now.
Player: weapon
Kroox: Ask in the shop next tunnel about that.
Player: dungeon
Kroox: Much fun you can have in dungeons. Much battle and much gold, jawoll!
Player: monsters
Kroox: You not be afraid, here you be save.
Player: bye
Kroox: Good bye. Come back soon.

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