Knight Guild Leaders teach spells to Knights.

See also: Druid Guild Leader NPCs, Paladin Guild Leader NPCs, and Sorcerer Guild Leader NPCs

Name Job Buy/Sell Location
Duria Duria Knight Guild Leader Kazordoon, southwest from the depot
Graham Graham Knight Guild Leader The Barbican, north-west of Upper Rathleton
Gregor Gregor Knight Guild Leader Main Street in Thais Knight's Guild.
Knight Hykrion Knight Hykrion Knight Guild Leader North-western building on the Island of Destiny
Ormuhn Ormuhn Knight Guild Leader Ankrahmun Arena, upstairs.
Ser Tybald Ser Tybald Knight Guild Leader
Paladin Guild Leader
Dawnport, Adventurer's Outpost.
Thorwulf Thorwulf Knight Guild Leader East of Svargrond Arena
Trisha Trisha Knight Guild Leader Near the north gate in Carlin on Central Street
Tristan Tristan Officer
Knight Guild Leader
Liberty Bay Fort, fourth floor
Uso Uso Foreman
Knight Guild Leader
North-western part of Port Hope, leftmost of the depot, below the ground level in Port Hope Tavern.
Zarak Zarak Knight Guild Leader Yalahar, Foreigner Quarter

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