Keyword is a word or phrase which make NPC react. Keywords are one of main parts of transcripts.

You can ask the NPC's opinion about cities (ankrahmun, ab'dendriel, carlin, venore, kazordoon, thais, edron, liberty bay, svargrond, port hope, darashia, farmine, yalahar) although they will usually not react to cities which have been implemented in an update later than the NPC was implemented.

Another good idea is to ask the NPC things which are near him/her and which must have made a certain impression on him/her. For example, Tarak is ferryman in the Sunken Quarter and can tell you a lot about it or Lorbas who lives near the Dark Cathedral can also tell you a lot about it.

Keywords can be grouped in some groups:

The most common and general keywords:

  • hi/hello/hail
  • name
  • job/work
  • Tibia
  • time
  • mission/quest
  • king
  • army
  • gods
  • magic
  • knights/paladins/druids/sorcerers
  • orcs/elves/humans/dwarfs/minotaurs/djinns/demons
  • city
  • news
  • rumor(s)
  • phrase: "how are you?"
  • bye
  • leaving without "good bye"

Other general keywords:

  • Ferumbras
  • Excalibug
  • life
  • weapon
  • death
  • monsters
  • dungeon

Major cities:

  • Thais
  • Carlin
  • Venore
  • Kazordoon
  • Ab'Dendriel
  • Edron
  • Darashia
  • Ankrahmun

Specific keywords for elves and Ab'Dendriel:

  • Cenath
  • Chelabdil
  • Deraisim
  • Kuridai
  • Teshial
  • elves
  • Crunor
  • nature
  • life
  • trees, plants

Specific keywords for dwarfs and Kazordoon:

  • emperor
  • dwarfs
  • The Big Old One
  • geomancers, earth
  • technomancers
  • pyromancers, fire
  • prison
  • poem

Specific keywords for Svargrond:

  • jarl
  • barbarian
  • years of serpents
  • raiders
  • mines
  • shamans
  • Chyll
  • Nibelor
  • Eversong
  • cults
  • chakoya
  • yeti

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