(note: underlined words are spelling mistakes and might be corrected atm by Cipsoft)

Player: hi
Kawill: Welcome Player! May earth protect you!
Player: god
Kawill: The gods are treacherous and vain. They want to use us like they did in the past. Only the elements can be trusted, because all they want is for nature to run its set course.
Player: job
Kawill: I am the great geomancer of dwarvenkind.
Player: geomancer
Kawill: We investigate the will of the earth. It is our duty to make sure things to work in their natural way.
Player: life
Kawill: Life is born by earth and fed by earth.
Player: name
Kawill: I am Kawill Marbleeye, Son of Earth, from the Molten Rock.
Player: quest
Kawill: There's nothing I need, better ask others.
Player: tibia
Kawill: Nice world in general. It's a shame there is so much water ruining the general impression.
Player: time
Kawill: Time is not of importance.
Player: monsters
Kawill: May the earth swallow them all!
Player: Excalibug
Kawill: Ah, a weapon to be feared by man, beast and god alike, jawoll. He who wields it will be both blessed and cursed at the same time.
Player: Ferumbras
Kawill: The day will come when he finally bites the dust.
Player: Kazordoon
Kawill: By using the powers of fire and earth we forced the river that once wound its way through the big old one in other directions, and created our home.
Player: Bezil or Nezil
Kawill: Bezil and Nezil have pawn and equpiment shop with an amazing stock.
Player: Duria
Kawill: The first knight of dwarvenkind is a fine woman.
Player: Etzel
Kawill: I fear the sorcerers focus on the destructive forces of fire. They forget about the protection earth could provide.
Player: Jimbin
Kawill: He is a jolly fellow and one of the oldest dwarves alive.
Player: Kroox
Kawill: He is a fine smith and his armour may save your neck one day.
Player: Maryza
Kawill: She is a fine cook, jawoll.
Player: Uzgod
Kawill: Uzgod is a blacksmith and understands the ways of his element well.
Player: Kruzak or Emperor
Kawill: The emperor has rarely visited the temple district in the last years. He should care more about spirituality then about politics. Jawoll.
Player: Durin
Kawill: The celestial paladin, the protector of our race. The only divine being we care for and the only one who still cares for dwarfs.
Player: fire
Kawill: Where earth is giving, fire is taking. That is the way of the elements.
Player: earth
Kawill: The lifegiving earth protects us, feeds us and takes us home after death.
Player: The Big Old One
Kawill: The mountain we live in is called the big old one. It's the mountain of mountains, and it isand like a friend and protector to our race.
Player: bye
Kawill: Earth under your feet, Player!

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