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Katana Quest
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Also known as: Katana Room Quest
Time allocation: 5-10 minutes
Reward: Katana, Viking Helmet, Key 4603
Location: Rookgaard, Rotworm Dungeon under graves here
Level required: 2
Level recommended: 6
Be prepared to face: Spiders, Poison Spiders, Skeletons, Rotworms, 4 Poison Fields.
Legend: A Rookgaard warrior ventured into a cave, met monsters he couldn't defeat, and his loot can be found at the place of his death.

Required Equipment


  • Go to the graves to the north-east of the island (here), and open the middle down one with a Shovel.


  • Go down the hole, there might be some Spiders and Poison Spiders in this area. Follow the path west to a hole and jump into it.


  • In this area there are some Skeleton spawns. It is recommended that you kill them all before proceeding, as they will follow you and even block your way back. A safe way to kill them is to go to the south of the room and kill them one by one while standing in the narrow passage.


  • Go east until you find a ropespot. Get prepared, as the next room might take time and skills.


  • Use your Rope to climb up the hole and into the Rotworms' room. This room has a lot of rotworms, so it might be dangerous even for the most skilled player. Best thing to do is to rush to the other hole and go down as soon as you can, avoiding getting trapped. Also, use defensive mode to get a minimum of damage.



  • (If you have Key 4603, skip this point) To get Key 4603 face north. It is recommended to use Defensive Fighting mode here while running from the rotworms. Key 4603 will be hidden in one of the dead bodies. When you find it, go back south.
  • Go east from the poison fields, into a hole. Down the hole resides a single Skeleton. Slay it if you want, open the door with Key 4603, and take the stairs down.


  • Watch Out! If the door is unlocked there could be two skeletons and a rotworm in this room! There is a hidden lever behind the northern white pillar. Use it to unlock the door (if it hasn't been done already). It is best to wait for all creatures to get out of room, then run into the room and close the door. However, you can also kill the creatures one by one at the door if you have friends helping.


  • If someone closes the door with the lever from the outside, go to the teleport for you to get out!

Katana Quest Room

  • The treasure is hidden inside the fresh human corpses. Grab your Viking Helmet and Katana from them. Go back all the way in order to leave the cave.

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