Player: hi
Kasmir: May Daraman enlighten you player!
Player: job
Kasmir: I am a chosen of Daraman.
Player: name
Kasmir: Kasmir Ibn Darasir.
Player: caliph
Kasmir: The caliph is heavily involved in the affairs in the world, but one has to make this sacrifice for the welfare of all.
Player: Daraman
Kasmir: Daraman travelled the world and learned the secrets of the ancients. At last he learned the secret of ascension and founded his philosophy.
Player: Darama
Kasmir: This land is harsh and challenging. It's far away from temptations and delusions. Here Daraman's people can concentrate on themselves.
Player: ascension
Kasmir: Daraman had a vision that all mortals are able to ascend to heaven, becoming celestial beings.
Player: celestial beings
Kasmir: By enhancing one's soul a mortal can ascend to heaven. If you are not prepared to ascend, you are bound to this world by reincarnation.
Player: reincarnation
Kasmir: If your soul is not strong and purified, you will not ascend but return to life on death, even losing strength in the process.
Player: life
Kasmir: Life is divine though not without flaws.
Player: philosophy
Kasmir: Daraman led his followers to this promised land to follow his teachings. It was named Darama after him later.
Player: necromancers
Kasmir: Undeath is even worse than reincarnation. Those souls are nothing but a rotting mockery of a soul on the path of ascension.
Player: quest
Kasmir: Your quest should be to prepare your soul for ascension.
Player: Urgith
Kasmir: The bonemaster is strong in the ruins of Drefia. There you can test the braveness of your soul ... or lose it to his minions.
Player: soul
Kasmir: The soul was made by the gods and therefore is divine. So by enhancing its divinity it can become more like the image of its creators.
Player: bye
Kasmir: Good bye, Player. May Daraman's all-seeing eye watch your travels!

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