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Karith NPC Karith

Location: In the harbour of Yalahar, in a ship 1 floor above the big deck.
Occupation: Ship Captain
Sound(s): Unknown.
Notes: After convincing him he will bring you to:
  • When you have done your missions on the Postman Quest, you get a discount of 10 gold pieces.
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To be able to travel do the Searoutes around Yalahar of the In Service of Yalahar Quest.

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Strangely, unlike most other elven NPCs in-game Karith does not respond when greeted or said good bye too in elven (with Ashari and Asha Thrazi respectfully). It can be assumed by his presence as the only elf in Yalahar that he was raised there and never learned to speak his own people's language.

Items traded:
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