Player: hi
Jimbin: Talking to me, Player?
Player: hi Jimbin
Jimbin: Welcome to the Jolly Axeman, have a good time, Player!
Player: army
Jimbin: I supply the army with dwarfish beer to keep morals high.
Player: food
Jimbin: Ask my wife Maryza for food.
Player: drink or offer
Jimbin: I can offer you beer... or water if you are sick. If you'd like to see my offers, ask me for a trade.
Player: general
Jimbin: The general is a fine man. Can drink as much as he wants and still is sober.
Player: book / cookbook
Jimbin: The cookbook? It belongs to Maryza. I think she has a few copies for sale.
Player: job or tavern
Jimbin: I'm runing the Jolly Axeman together with my wife Maryza.
Player: king
Jimbin: The king orders huge amounts of mushroombeer for festivities.
Player: name
Jimbin: I am Jimbin Luckythroat, son of Earth, from the Molten Rock.
Player: Tibia
Jimbin: The Tibia our race was born into was even more fierce than the world you young ones know.
Player: time
Jimbin: It is about 12:28 pm.
Player: Excalibug
Jimbin: Actually I belive it's more than a taverntale.
Player: Ferumbras
Jimbin: Hah! He never dares to trespass our realm.
Player: Carlin
Jimbin: Silly town. Alcohol is forbidden there and elves visit this town quite often, what certainly suggests nothing good about a town, jawoll.
Player: Thais
Jimbin: Bah! Humans, can't stand a drink, jawoll.
Player: Maryza
Jimbin: She's a fine cook; likes it bloddy, though. Humans call her Bloody Mary, but don't mention that to her if you're smart.
Player: news or rumour or rumor
Jimbin: Oh well, many hidden places of ancient times appear seemingly out of nowhere in these times.
Player: bye
Jimbin: Come back if you enjoyed my tavern, if not ... well, get eaten by a dragon, jawoll.

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