Jewelry Shopkeepers sell decorative rings and amulets, gems, pearls, and other valuables.

Name Job Buy/Sell Location
Briasol Briasol Jewelry Shopkeeper One floor underground on Shadow Caves Street
Carina Carina Jewelry Shopkeeper Venore's second depot, the House of Wealth.
Chantalle Chantalle Jewelry Shopkeeper Liberty Bay, north-east of depot.
Edmund Edmund Jewelry Shopkeeper
Rathleton, one floor above the bank.
Gail Gail Jewelry Shopkeeper Central part of northern Port Hope, first floor above Port Hope Depot.
Hanna Hanna Jewelry Shopkeeper Main Street in Thais.
Ishina Ishina Jewelry Shopkeeper Darashia marketplace
Iwan Iwan Jewelry Shopkeeper Edron, just south of the castle
Jessica Jessica Jewelry Shopkeeper
Svargrond, between depot and boat
Larek Larek Adventurer
Equipment Shopkeeper
Jewelry Shopkeeper
Krailos depot.
Odemara Odemara Jewelry Shopkeeper Venore's second depot, the House of Wealth.
Oiriz Oiriz Jewelry Shopkeeper Yalahar, west side of the main street, north of depot.
Talila Talila Shopkeeper
Jewelry Shopkeeper
Tesha Tesha Jewelry Shopkeeper
In Ankrahmun, north of the Depot, up one level.
Tezila Tezila Jewelry Shopkeeper Kazordoon, Shops Street, one floor below the depot to the south.
Valindara Valindara Shopkeeper
Jewelry Shopkeeper

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