The Jakundaf Desert is located to the east of Mount Sternum, south of Kazordoon and west of Venore.

There is a house in the west of the Jakundaf Desert: the Demon Tower.

The only evidence that people once lived here is an old abandoned ruin which guards the entrance to the vast underground chambers below, and what appears to be some sort of temple which houses a lone Necromancer, a priest of Fafnar, who studies old manuscripts and may give some advice about the dungeons. There is also a strange library underground, and rumors of great riches. The desert is a good place to get some food from the Lions, e.g. if you are walking nearby and have no food.

The dungeon itself is a labyrinth of openings and passages filled with one-way holes and all types of creatures.

Jakundaf Desert NPCs (3 NPCs)
AdreniusAdreniusClericIn a temple in the Jakundaf Desert
HagorHagorAdventurerIn the Jakundaf Desert dungeon, 3 levels down.
NemalNemalAdventurerJakundaf Desert dungeon, 3 levels down


The following creatures can be found on the ground level of the desert.

  • This creature drops no loot.

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