Jagged Sword

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This item is in the Weapons class, Sword Weapons sub-class
8.2 (July 2, 2008)
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Jagged Sword Jagged Sword
Attributes: Atk: 21, Def: 14 +1
Hands: One-Handed
Weight: 29.00 oz.
i Transferable: Yes, but restricted.
Loot value: Negotiable gp.
Dropped by:
Buy from:
NPC City Value
in gp
RaffaelIsland of Destiny500Only to Knights
Sell to: Players only.
Notes: Obtainable in the cellar of the Knight Brotherhood villa on Island of Destiny, if you chose to join them. Knights can also get this sword in Dawnport. Due to a bug, the sword was also briefly brought to Rookgaard from Dawnport.

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