General keywords

Player: hi
Isimov: Hiho Player and greetings my child!
Player: god or keeper
Isimov: The gods abandoned us, we abandoned the gods. That's it, no big deal I tell ya, jawoll.
Player: job
Isimov: I am the master of the hall of the ancients.
Player: hall of the ancients
Isimov: The burial chamber of our ancestors. All of the firstborn of our race are there .. all but Durin.
Player: life
Isimov: Life is easy to understand, you have birth, you have death. Simple stuff, even elves could grasp the concept.
Player: name
Isimov: My name is Isimov Dustbearer, Son of Fire and Earth, from the Molten Rock.
Player: quest
Isimov: You are too young for quests, jawoll.
Player: Tibia
Isimov: A world of dangers, a world of wonders.
Player: time
Isimov: I think it's the fourth age of the yellow flame, isn't it?
Player: monsters
Isimov: Only another nuisance.
Player: elves
Isimov: Bah, squirrels, hedgehogs, rabbits, elves ... who cares.

Excalibur and Ferumbras

Player: Excalibug
Isimov: Ahhh! Whan I was a little dwarf I was on a quest to find it. I was almost literally digging up the ghostlands for it and now only one thing is sure: It must be elsewere, jawoll.
Player: Ferumbras
Isimov: I have seen many of his type coming and going. He will fall and anotherone will take his place.


Player: technomancers
Isimov: Strange, are they still around? Well, give them one or two hundred years and they are gone again, jawoll.
Player: geomancers
Isimov: They whorship the elemental forces of earth.
Player: fire
simov: It's warm, it's useful, we use it. We decide when or how, jawoll.
Player: earth
Isimov: Gives us food and shelter, quite useful isn't it?
Player: Durin
Isimov: Ah yes, the first born. He became a higher entity to protect us. His mortal remains were buried at a remote spot where only pilgrims disturb their peace now and then.


Player: Kazordoon
Isimov: The last haven for dwarfenkind. Our last hope for our survival.
Player: The Big Old One
Isimov: This mountain is as old as the world. The first dwarfs were born here.
Player: Bezil
Isimov: Bezil and Nezil are typical profiteers. Fine new breed of dwarfs we raised, pah.
Player: Nezil
Isimov: Bezil and Nezil are typical profiteers. Fine new breed of dwarfs we raised, pah.
Player: Duria
Isimov: Could become a great warrior one day. Still needs to learn so much.
Player: Etzel
Isimov: Etzel, good old Etzel. I was his tutor long ago. Now he's running a guild ... they grow so fast ... so fast, jawoll.
Player: Jimbin
Isimov: Isn't that the kid that took over the Jolly Axeman tavern? Far too young for such a job, but did anyone ask me? No!
Player: Kroox
Isimov: What a hasty fellow. Can't be healthy to live in such a hurry, jawoll.
Player: Maryza
Isimov: How could she marry this Jimbin? I mean, they are kids! Know nothing about life and stuff. Couldn't they wait at least hundred years or so?
Player: Uzgod
Isimov: Has hardly a beard and already forgotten the traditions of his ancestors. Modern techniques ... almost like one of these technomancers.
Player: Emperor or Kruzak
Isimov: The emperor resides far above us in the upper caves. Sometimes I wonder if it's good that the emperor is that much away from the temples.
Player: bye
Isimov: Take care, Player!

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