This page lists most interviews with members of CipSoft over the past few years. Most of them are made by supported or promoted fansites. Some of the older interviews, many from Tibianews, no longer exist on those sites; these links go to archived web pages on the Internet Archive.

Name(s) Interview url By Date
Akananto Akananto TibiaVenezuela 2012, January
Andrej Delany Andrej Delany Tibiopedia 2011, February
Bolfrim Bolfrim TibiaBariloche 2012, September
Chayenne Chayenne TibiaNews 2006, March
Chayenne Chayenne Portal Tibia 2009, May
Count Tofifti Count Tofifti Tibia-Stats 2012, January
Craban Craban TibiaNews 2007, December
Craban Craban TibiaNews 2010, October
Craban Craban TibiaBR 2008, June
Craban Craban TibiaBR 2012, September
Craban Craban PortalTibia 2014, February
Craban, Durin, Mercutio Craban, Durin, Mercutio TibiaNews 2008, April
Craban, Mercutio Craban, Mercutio TibiaNews 2008, January
Denson Larika Denson Larika TibiaVenezuela 2009, February
Fad van Nal ? Fad van Nal TibiaNews 2005, April
Grimrath Grimrath 2012, May

Grimrath 2010, February
Guido, Steve, Durin Guido, Steve, Durin TibiaNews 2007, April
Guido Guido TibiaBR 2007, March
Guido Guido Tibia RP 2010, February
Guido Guido 2006, November
Guido Guido TibiaBR 2005, March
Guido Guido TibiaNews 2001, May
Ihsua Beris Ihsua Beris 2010, August
Iscen Iscen TibiaCity 2005, November
Isolan Isolan TibiaCity 2007, August
Judigator Judigator TibiaNews 2005, October
Knightmare Knightmare TibiaNews 2004, May
Knightmare Knightmare TibiaNews 2005, January
Knightmare Knightmare TibiaBR 2010, May
Knightmare Knightmare TibiaNews 2005, September
Lionet Lionet Tibiopedia 2012, May
Lionet Lionet 2013, July
Manina Manina TibiaCity 2006, February
Mercutio Mercutio TibiaNews 2007, December
Mercutio Mercutio TibiaCity 2008, April
Mirade Mirade TibiaTR 2010, September
Mirade, Rejana Mirade, Rejana TibiaBR 2009, July
Neofine Neofine TibiaCity 2008, January
Ogrey Ogrey TibiaVenezuela 2011, November
Penciljack Penciljack Tibiopedia 2010, February
Penciljack Penciljack TibiaNews 2004, July
Rejana Rejana TibiaNews 2012, March
Steve Steve TibiaNews 2004, June
Umrath Umrath Tibiopedia 2013, August
Teyrata Teyrata 2014, May
Penciljack Penciljack TibiaHispano 2014, May
Knightmare Knightmare TibiaEvents 2014, October
Steve Steve Portal Tibia 2014, October
Seyva Seyva TibiaRoyal 2014, November
Evonary Evonary 2015, July
Stephan Stephan Portal Tibia 2015, October
Shintao Shintao TibiaBR 2015, November
Argeia Argeia TibiaLatina.Wikia 2015, November
Delany Delany TibiaVenezuela 2015, December
Lionet Lionet GuildStats 2015, December
Knightmare Knightmare 2016, July
Tusius Tusius TibiaRoyal 2016, October
Durin Durin Portal Tibia 2016, December
Eudocia Eudocia 2016, December
Penciljack Penciljack 2017, June
Delany Delany 2017, July
Rejana Rejana TibiaGuias 2017, August
Dadeagus Tyrixa Dadeagus Tyrixa Portal Tibia 2017, December
Knightmare Knightmare BomDiaTibia 2018, January