The Inquisition is the organization that is entrusted by 'all churches of the gods' to do their holy work, meaning to clean Tibia of unholy beings like Witches, Demons and Vampires.

The things the holy Inquisition do include killing Vampire Lords and Minions of the Ruthless Seven and helping others with the same cause. The Lord Inquisitioner is named Henricus, who holds office in Thais. Recently another base has been established on the island of Roshamuul, under guidance of Sandomo.

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Known Inquisition members and allies
AsnarusAsnarusInquisitorUpper Roshamuul, under Depot
AuronAuronInquisitorUpper Roshamuul, west of the Depot
Captain ChelopCaptain ChelopInquisitorLower Roshamuul, near his ship
Dream ButterflyDream ButterflyInquisitorUpper Roshamuul, east of the central mountain
EruaranEruaranInquisitorUpper Roshamuul, east of depot on top of the central mountain
GederasGederasInquisitorLower Roshamuul
HenricusHenricusInquisitorThais Jail, down one floor.
JuliusJuliusInquisitorYalahar, just after the gate to the Trade Quarter
MaunMaunInquisitorLower Roshamuul, east of the ship.
MoraxMoraxInquisitorOn the second floor of a ruined building in Roshamuul, east-northeast of the depot, slightly north of the central mountain
MortisMortisInquisitorOn the bridge between Lower and Central Roshamuul
SandomoSandomoInquisitorLower Roshamuul
SiestaarSiestaarInquisitorUpper Roshamuul, under the Depot
StorkusStorkusInquisitorOn the way to Kazordoon, west of the Dwarven Bridge.
UzonUzonInquisitorSouth-west Femor Hills, as well as on the the Witches' Cliff (here).
Zedrulon the FallenZedrulon the FallenInquisitorRoshamuul Temple, west of depot in Upper Roshamuul

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