Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Rookgaard
Position 125.138, 125.172, 4
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Magic Shopkeeper
Other Properties
Version Pre-6.0
Status Active
You see Hyacinth.
NPC Bubble D


Rookgaard, atop the mountain to the northeast of the city


Hyacinth lives on a mountain northeast of the town of Rookgaard. He worships the god of nature, Crunor. He has fear about dark magic on the island, and what this could mean.

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Trade Details


Item   Value
Empty Potion Flask (Small) Other Items Violet Gem5
Vial Household Items Backpack of Holding5


Item   Value
Small Health Potion Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink Bowl of Glooth Soup20


To change these transcripts, edit the transcripts page for Hyacinth.

Player: hi
Hyacinth: Greetings, traveller Player.
Player: gods
Hyacinth: As far as I know there is a library in the village. Teach yourself about the gods.
Player: job
Hyacinth: I am a druid and healer, a follower of Crunor.
Player: name
Hyacinth: I am Hyacinth.
Player: time
Hyacinth: Time does not matter to me.
Player: king
Hyacinth: I don't care about kings, queens, and the like.
Player: magic
Hyacinth: I am one of the few magic users on this isle. But I sense a follower of the dark path of magic hiding somewhere in the depths of the dungeons.
Player: Tibia
Hyacinth: It is shaped by the will of the gods, so we don't have to question it.
Player: mainland
Hyacinth: There's a huge world waiting for you.
Player: Rookgaard
Hyacinth: I rarely visit the town. It's much better here.
Player: spell
Hyacinth: I can't teach you magic. On the mainland you will learn your spells soon enough.
Player: weapon
Hyacinth: I don't care much about weapons.
Player: monster
Hyacinth: Most of the so-called monsters of this isle are only creatures of the gods. There are some beasts that are truly monstrous on the mainland.
Player: dungeon
Hyacinth: The dungeons are dangerous for unexperienced adventurers.
Player: Crunor
Hyacinth: May Crunor bless you and protect you on your journeys!
Player: Amber
Hyacinth: I saw her stranding with her raft.
Player: Cipfried
Hyacinth: His healing powers equal even mine.
Player: Dallheim
Hyacinth: A man of the sword.
Player: Obi
Hyacinth: A greedy and annoying person as most people are.
Player: Al Dee
Hyacinth: One of those greedy merchants.
Player: Tom
Hyacinth: Tom is the local tanner. That means he always needs fresh corpses or leather.
Player: Willie
Hyacinth: An unpleasant person.
Player: Seymour
Hyacinth: He has some inner devils that torture him.
Player: Dixi
Hyacinth: I think she's under bad influence.
Player: Lily
Hyacinth: She's a druid. Since she started selling health potions, people visit me only rarely. Which is a good thing, but of course I'll help if I'm needed.
Player: Oracle
Hyacinth: The oracle will lead you to your destiny once you are level 8.
Player: destiny
Hyacinth: Who knows what it will be? Only time will show.
Player: sell
Hyacinth: I just sell some revitalizing life fluids.
Player: shield
Hyacinth: You'll have to buy that from one of the merchants in town. I'm just a simple druid and healer.
Player: druid
Hyacinth: There are only two other druids on Rookgaard, Lily and Cipfried.
Player: potion
Hyacinth: Yes, I sell small health potions. Ask me for a trade if you need one.
Player: food
Hyacinth: Are you hungry? I'm sorry, I have no food here.
Player: bye
Hyacinth: May Crunor bless you.
Player: hi
Hyacinth: Greetings, traveller Player.
Hyacinth: May Crunor bless you.

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